Possible Elemental Gaige?

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In that case- as has been mentioned- make sure you’re slagging your targets, as they now have not only damage reduction but health regeneration as well. While any slag weapon/grenade can fill the bill I love the Slagga on every character (it’s a farmable drop from the Hodunks if you sided with the Zafords in the Clan Wars side mission. Also you can get it as a world drop). A matching elemental relic wouldn’t hurt either…

(mathewkoeberle) #22

Thanks, I’ll tweak it a little and see what I get.


On the Florentine front, Gaige is probably the one character that makes that gun tolerable for me ( cue the Florentine debate … ) - so by all means if you have the crystals, pick one up.

The Slagga is great though - get both!

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Planned on it. In your opinion, what would be the optimal version of the Florentine and the slagga?

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Maliwan grip on both, dahl stock if you’re picky. Consummate on the Florentine. Bullets go fasterfid on the slagga. Sight is probably irrelevant

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Hey, thanks a lot. Didn’t think I’d even get one reply. I appreciate all your answers. And when it comes to parts I’m pretty much clueless.

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This is one helpful community, answers almost always come. This is the parts infographic I use when I’m trying to be picky.

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Here’s mine: on my fourteenth run to Cramfist’s Foundry looking for loot midgets


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Hey thanks, this’ll be really handy.

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LOL! :joy: That is me every time I start dashboarding for something, except C3PO is the guide to RNG over in Lootology 101.