Possible Exploit/Major Gear Bug/Hack?

I don’t really have an idea how this is possible, but anyway, this should be reported!

@JoeKGBX @Jythri I don’t know if you’re the right ones to tag for this, but I hope you can forward this if not

EDIT: I just tried, it must be a loadout from before the rework

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didn’t thorn legendary use to be a crit damage modifier?

yes, my only suspicion is that he created that loadout before they changed it recently into an skilldmg item, it’s the only explanation that makes sense to me…

I know, I understood what nemo said, but my intention was to “report” that, and my only suspicion is that it’s a bug from the recent change, anyhow, this should be looked into

We’ll look into it. Thanks.


This happened to me too maybe like a month ago? with the same legendary, I didn’t do anything to my loadout, it just randomly showed up this way.

I tried using both but I think it would only let me use one so I was down a piece of gear :confused: