POSSIBLE FIX FOR A PATCH? Toggle strikecraft squadrons

I’m sure it’s been proposed, but here’s what I propose to balance the generations in MP without doing a massive amount of stats tweaks.

For HW1 multiplayer mode, use single ships only and for HW2 MP use only squadrons, i.e. 5 fighters, 3 vettes / 1 for mines and mgc since theyre kinda the tanky antifighter ship so more would be a bit broken, and for the Remastered Multiplayer, have a toggle option before starting the game to choose either squadrons or single units (Squadrons on / off) and update the HW2 ships to fit accordingly to single unit mode.

And there you have it, essentially you just fixed a massive headache when trying to fight say, Kushan/taiidan VS something like a Vaygr who have 7 ships per squad…

I’d like to hear opinions on this, because I think you guys need all the help you can get with this judging by some community reaction :confused:

EDIT: this also might help ease the repair of formations, since in the HW2 / Squadrons On mode you can have HW2 formations and HW1 formations on the other, if that was a coding problem between the two.

We just need interceptors to fire little sprays like the HW2 interceptors and the heavy and light corvettes need to use a fighter strafe technique (jsut reuse the code from the laser corvettes), the default gunship strafe is TERRIBLE because kushan heavy corvettes don’t have their guns in arc half the time.

No for reasons stated in the many other times this bad idea has been brought up.

The problem isn’t that HW1 units need to act more like HW2 units. The problem is that they don’t even act like HW1 units in the first place.

I have absolutely no idea why this is a bad idea. Everybody wins because both modes get their unique playstyles and no one playing hw1 races has to handle like 50-60 strike craft at the same time as opposed to a quarter that against their hw2 enemies.

In HW1, formations made ships act like they’re in a squadron of a non-fixed size.

Why would you take that away?

If you want fixed squadrons with a single formation, play a HW2 race. If you want single control over ships and more complex formations of non-fixed sizes, you play a HW1 one. It’s part of their flavors.

And they have to be balanced differently because Vagyr can lose 6 of 7 ships in a squad, and then RTB to get it filled right back up without wasting production time.