Possible future villain/raid boss?

I know I’m a little behind on this so my theory might be rendered mewt due to time, but oh well. I recently came across and downloaded gearboxes Borderworlds fanfic app and there were a few prewritten stories in there I was amazed I couldn’t find a theory or any mention of it so… Ya here ya go.
In this app u can pick any planet and write whatever you want to about it. After signing up u even get a msg from gearbox about being a test app and there possibly being some lore written by them tossed in there somewhere.
One of these stories/planets stood out being one of few from gearbox. Being the planet Tarsonus. Tarsonus’ story tells of a barren planet and a powerful villain a “destroyer of worlds/civilizations”(Not “The Destroyer” they have their own), that took armies to subjugate only to be sealed away in a vault in the center of the planet.
Of course I’m assuming and we know what that can do. But from this story I was guessing that this “destroyer of civilizations” might be a future villain of a possible future game. I could be wrong and jumping the gun but this story was one of the few that mentioned/referenced any past gearbox work as well as being well written. So I was of the mind it was put there for a reason. Either way I thought it was purty nifty and wanted to share the idea. What do you guys think?
P.s. just saw the “destroyer of worlds” is mentioned as an impossible task in “Claptraps Secret Stash” quest…


I just hope it’s gonna be big, cosmic, have a bunch of tentacles and cultist followers who will BE SHOUTING “IA IA insert its name FHTAGN”