Possible Grenade Answer for Mobbing

I know people are upset about the Hex nerf and saying that MoD isn’t working after the update, but I found a grenade that can help with mobbing: the Surge. It doesn’t have the tracking of the Hex so it’s not good for flying enemies but it bounces 6 times releasing 3 child grenades each time, all of them have good splash range and trigger MoD. Don’t have time to record a video of it but I can do so later if it’s wanted.

Moze can make a comeback, we just need to think of new ideas.

Amusingly, I found that Iron Bear can proc MoD (to regen nades) with his grenade arms. So that’s an option for grenades that are poor at self-sustaining the grenade count.

Good point on the Surge. I used one briefly and it is a lot of explosions. Worth considering for sure.

People usually forget about IB at all :sweat_smile:
Auto Bear “got” one more use it seems.