Possible Hidden Code in Commander Lilith DLC

Been finding graffiti on the scenery in the DLC.
Found 2 so far.
Seem to be 5 letters each.
Possible shift code?

Found in… can’t remember. Will update if I find it again.

Found in Dahl Abandon.

Having trouble making the first one out, but the second one is definitely WZART.


First one looks to be GNOKE or GWOKE

Edit: K or S

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I agree with GWO and E.
I think maybe the fourth letter is S?
I don’t know. It’s hard to make out.

EDIT: Also note the coloring. Red, orange.
I’ll know if I find more, but I’m betting if it’s a code the other three will be yellow, green, blue playing on the rainbow motif.

Not sure about this one either.

Found in Helios Fallen.

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This is almost certainly not part of the code… but just in case.
Also found in Helios Fallen.

I’ve also found a couple of 6 digit ones.
They can’t be shift codes though because… well… 6 digits.

Found in Dahl Abandon at Scooter Memorial
This is also on a piece of scenery out in the open, so… more likely part of scenery for the Scooter Memorial.

This one was found at The Backburner.

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Found in Dahl Abandon in the mine.

Also having difficulty making this one out, but I can definitely make out R, O, and C at the end.

These are all over Pandora around bandit encampments, so yeah no code there. The rest though, considering the easter eggs and Morse code in Battleborn, well you never know eh, I’m intrigued.

Lowlines is the man to ask, if there’s a code in there he’ll be your best bet to decoding it. Iirc he was the one who figured out the Morse code in Battleborn.

Good finds, keep searching Bird Brain you might be on to something!


Okay, this one’s definitely not part of it if there’s a thing.
This appears in the base game in Sanctuary.

Want some help getting the red writing from the pre-sequel?

Ah… is the red writing on the Hyperion debris a texture from Pre-Sequel?
If so, that also would just be me not remembering it being part of the map textures.

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Now this is interesting…
D28542 is apparently the hex color for Orange.

B = possibly second color in rainbow. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Indigo.
Also… according to this random thread that also popped up in my Google results, it apparently also appears in Captain Scarlett’s Pirate Booty next to Kitty Kream. Don’t have time to look into it now, but it may be another possible texture reuse (like the door graffiti). Also, apparently the code appears in Grand Theft Auto V at the top of a mountain


Yeah… there’s probably nothing to this.
I just found one of the other DLC textures I thought might be something in the base game…

I’m thinking all of these are just reuses of textures from the base game and previous DLC content that I just forgot about because I hadn’t played it in a while.

Oh well.
The only consequence is making myself look foolish briefly. Which I do on purpose anyway… so…
I guess… wwwiiiinnnnnn???


After the morse code stuff turned out to be true, I’d believe almost anything.

What about the code “B.A.T.H”? The Lieutenants names seem important. They relate to puzzles and fish.
Maybe we can find another one of those fish riding moments in that area? Maybe just another Red Kipper?