Possible idea for a new game mode

I think a survival mode would be a nice addition. You and five buddies face off against endless waves of Jennerit and Varelsi in a gladiator type arena. Possibly the fighting pits Caldarius fought in? Food for thought.

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This could work well and be fun. Although…
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NO MORE MINIONS IN PVP!!! Every mode besides Capture has minions… Give us a King of the Hill rotating zones mode or something like that… Minions need to stay in PvE

Do you even MOBA, bro?


Do you even Hero Shooter, Bro?

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Team Fortress is a hero shooter. Overwatch is a hero shooter. Battleborn is a first person moba.


Carefully do me a favor, go to the main page of the Forums and read the Top Line… “Hero-Shooter for Every Kind of Badass”

And on that note… I am not trying to have an argument over my Opinion over Player Vs Player so can we just move on.

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Fair enough, no arguments here. I’m just trying to clear some things up for you.

The thing is, the fact that people don’t know what Battleborn is supposed to be is why the game did so poorly… bad marketing and poor communication confused players and skewed expectations. Some people expected Borderlands, some people expected Overwatch, or Destiny, or Quake… I’m not saying you’re dumb for not knowing the genre of the game, I’m saying 2K and Gearbox failed to tell you what the genre was supposed to be.

It’s like they said, “Hey guys, check out my action RPG,” but it’s actually a turn-based strategy game. The developers can say the game is one thing, but in reality it’s actually something completely different.

As a Beta, Preorder Season pass holder,I didnt ask you to clear anything up to me. Thanks for your information. But denying that it says Hero-Shooter…

Once again My opinion, a new Player Vs Player mode where Gearbox gives players a totally different play mode, without Minions, such as I mentioned would drive the players away… oh wait a minute…

go ahead and respond I will concede and give you the last word.

It DOES say Hero Shooter, but that doesn’t mean it’s a hero shooter.

My same point again: Gearbox says the game is a Hero Shooter, but the game mechanics/design don’t match up with the genre very well. It’s a MOBA with first-person shooter mechanics.

Earlier, you suggested removing minions from every game mode. That would kill the game for 99% of the people that play this game, as it would turn it into something completely different.

However ADDING a TDM mode would actually be something I could get behind. It would be fun, even if it’s a little janky and weird for Battleborn.

Also, adding TDM would actually drive players away. Most people hate Capture with a passion, and people play this game because it’s the only first-person MOBA game that is currently in existence… not for a run-of-the-mill, “just another shooter game.”

Btw, I’ve also been playing since beta. I’m a little surprised you’ve been playing so long, since you don’t seem to like the minions very much.

They’ve said at one point or another they decided very early on a few things. One of which was that a TDM mode would never exist. Sigh, a lost cause

Please continue the discussion in one of the more recent horde-mode topics that were listed above.

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