Possible Kid Ultra Backstory Theory

Do we know anything about Kid Ultra’s backstory so far?

Like maybe he or she will be the spoiled, bratty, vain, arrogant, crazy, sadistic, violent son or daughter of some rich LLC exec or shareholder or something that wants to don a hyper-advanced suit of LLC made combat armour and go slaughter lowlife hobo scum mercilessly while laughing about it.

Kid Ultra.

I doubt it’s a child, that’ll be too shallow for GBX/BB.



How so?

I guess it could be a teen, maybe young adult, same story.

He’s a Magnus. The excerpt GBX gave describes him as being hardwired and a piece of support technology.




S**t then lol…

EDIT: A Magnus is what ISIC is, correct? Marquis, too, maybe?

They did say there is a twist concerning his lore though.

Edit: Isic, Marquis, and Nova are all magnuses. Basically, anything that is a self aware AI.

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ISIC and Marwuis are Magnus, correct?

(Magnuses? Magnii?)

MINREC is a magnus too.

I think magni, but I’m not sure)

And Nova as Yellow pointed out. Kid Ultra will likely be another Magnus, but may be one that thinks it’s really a teenage boy.

Rich teenage son / daughter of rich LLC person dies.

Consciousness gets transferred to Robot Suit.

Kid Ultra is born.

Nova gets insanely jealous.

Obviously it’s a rich kid who used his genius to turn his consciousness into a Magnus for evil purposes because he’s so rich the only way to get his rocks off was to be a ****.

If they are human then of course there will be a certain level of arrogance because they’re from the LLC. It’s inherent. If they are a Magnus then there will be a certain level of insanity because they’re a Magnus. It’s inherent.


Why does everyone think he is a kid/human when it is obviously said to be a magnus

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Yes, magni is the plural of magnus. (I study Latin, I also thought the “persona non grata” line in Algorithm was funny).