Possible load time workaround

This works for me… your mileage may vary.

Start MP beta.

Go to “Player vs CPU”

Set up and launch game. No one will drop or lag since they all exist on your comp.

Let the game run a minute.

End game.

Go to MP “lobby”(cough)

Host game with same setting, but take away one side’s worth of AI.

I like a nice 3v3 comp stomp against expert dynamic AI for testing and just getting to know this game again.

Three to four people can get a quick load and a possible silicon butt whuppin’.

Have at it and let me know if it helps you.

Remember folks … BETA.

This means we have to find TEMPORARY work-arounds so we can continue the quest for improvement.

Are some things sprained/broken? yep.

Is that frustrating to varying degrees? sure is.

Will it be temporary? of course it will.

Take a breath, and find a way to make it work so we can find the other things that need to be addressed.

We are beta testers, so we have to think outside the box to find ways to find ALL the broken parts, not just the obvious ones. :smile:

Now… go kill some comps and test this puppy.