Possible "Practice Mode" addition?

I don’t know if there is a suggestion board so sorry if this isn’t in the right spot. I’m a pretty hardcore min/maxer and a stat freak all around so seeing and building the best possible character mathematically is what I aim for. I have played games like smite/hots and they have “Practice Modes” where you can reset your level, or set you level wherever you want and easily try different builds or gear to get exactly what you want to play. Would this be something that battleborn could add? it would be nice to see if I can tell the difference between gear right away instead of playing whiole matches to find out if it’s bad or not.
I would really appreciate being able to test the synergy of my items and certain builds. Does anyone else out there think this would be a good addition?


Play a private match with bots I dont think it goes against your stats and you can try out different builds with different characters

You can do private pvp and pve for testing out gear and builds etc.
As far as having access to all possible gear and helix options not so sure that would be possible tho

I have played private matches to try and do the above, but then when I pick a certain helix I can’t redo until I play another match and get back to the level. I’m really thinking about the smite test area. That was great and smite players should know what im talking about. I can go down a level and then back up if I want. It’s fast testing compared to playing whole matches 5-10 min at a time in between builds.

This would be great! Have two target dummies and a wave of minions that sits/respawns in a pen.

On target dummy has a shield (not in hand), the other doesn’t. Killing them counts as a “major kill”. I love it!

Hell, even put a little hud on the side that shows you your current stats (bonus skill damage, move speed, etc)

Oh, man. this would make my life so much easier…

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just copy the back room from the gun store in borderlands 2, with the dummies from below marcus’ shop. also make mr torgue a dlc toon!


Ya it could be a small map with not much going on, just a couple dummies.

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Exactly! Give me a spawn-ship. Then a straight line about the distance to the near thrall on Incursion. Sprinkle a few minor shards and one big shard. Then where the thralls go, put the dummies. (and the minion pit!)

Montana = Mr. Torgue

no explosions, no screaming stuff about explosions, no badasscraterofbadassitude! no i mean like for real just re-use the character. tiny tina would be a riot also. and its a way to further tie into and create a brand for 2k’s characters. i see this cross-over so to speak like this being the smash bros, why not make it a party?

This statement is so wrong I find it a bit insulting somehow. :smile:

Their personalities are completely different. Mr. Torgue is rough and aggressive while Montana is really a nice guy, “everyone’s friend”.

You’ll get over it. I promise, it’ll be ok.:acmaffirmative: