Possible reasoning behind El Dragon changes

I had posted this in another thread and I wanted to open this up to a larger discussion. Tell me what you think.

I have a theory about ED’s recent mass nerfs actually being related to Kid Ultra and less to do with over performance
KU is apparently a healer/support that heavily complements melees
Maybe what ever KU does, so heavily accentuates EDs strengths that he becomes unmanageable
I’m sure KU is in testing right now and if hes an assist, they would of course(or should) test all possible team comps.

So im thinking to myself
What kind of buff would help melee characters more then anyone else?

Im thinking its an applied movement speed buff or temporary sheild increase movement speed buff
but the important thing is the speed increase

In another thread I made

I had done some additional testing on EDs highest potential Movement speed and It was pretty plain to see that It was freakin ridiculous. without sacrificing to much strength gear wise he could reach a maximum movement speed while attacking that was higher then any characters base sprint speed.

well you could say just nerf his movement speed helix or eliminate it entirely
which is true but I dunno maybe there is more to it then that.

I might be completely off base but Its possible
just something to think about

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Movement speed is only so helpful. It’s the fact he’s the Master Yi of the game where newer players don’t know how to deal with him so he just snowballs hard.


Well yeah that’s why he needed to be toned down. Everyone knows he was a pub stomp king but we also know that these changes were a bit much.
I’m just throwing an idea out there that maybe there’s more to it then

With proper control and utilization, speed is the ultimate offensive/defensive stat

Interesting point. I did consider this at one time or another. I also considered how in Chaos Rumble 4 KUs and one El could kill everything. I was thinking DR for some time but that’s Ernest’s field, so movement speed seems most likely. This could be fun

Still not reason enough to completely gut the character.
If kid ultra is too powerful then Nerf him, we won’t miss what be didn’t have.

Besides, Ernest adds ludicrous dps to melee characters with the 25% speed buff WITH 10% additional attack damage.

Ernest is a melee lovers wet dream. He only adds to what melee users have in their loadouts anyway.

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Yeah El dragon didn’t just lose damage, he probably hits like a kitten now.

Dude, I didn’t realize it until just now, but your Yi point is SO TRUE.

i don’t think this could be true. The supports that we already have add tons to these guys. Not only that, they didn’t nerf all the melees. Just him. Good thought though.

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Yeah, if a support makes a single character OP, then nerfing the character would only lead him to be MORE dependant on playing with said support, ironically enough.

In my opinion, El Dragón might have needed toning down a bit, but what they did was far too excessive.
I think they should have started with reducing the En Fuego stun to 1 second and only one nerf to clap (either damage or attack speed, not both)
Especially nerfing his health seems excessive, since they
A) Buffed every other melee by +200 health
B) Tried nerfing his health earlier and they reverted it because El Dragón got too squishy.


ED needed a rework. I’m pretty sure everyone or at least most of us here agree with that and I’m sure most of us agree to variable degrees that what has happened is excessive. I’m just trying to throw some possible rational behind the changes. At the same time I’m just spit balling ideas on whatever KUs specialty might be and how it would specifically benefit melee characters over the rest of the cast.

if movement speed isn’t terribly important, do any ED mains choose heavyweight over welterweight?
Survivability seems to be a main concern for most
Having a nearly permanent 30% DR is akin to having 30% more health and shield that’s more easily healed back
There’s your survivability right there

I don’t think a stationary egg would be as helpful to highly mobile melee characters as a set it and forget it buff

What do any of you think KUs melee buff will be?

I thought the 30% Damage Reduction was what people were already using, I know at least that I was.
(Also, small correction, 30% damage reduction actually means roughly 42% more HP!)
The few times I ran El Dragón, I got myself some nice max health gear and then a blissful skullplate. Almost permanent 41.2% damage reduction gives me roughly 70% more effective health and shield.
1843 health and 300 shield at level 5 roughly equals 3133 effective health and 510 effective shield.
That is close to Kelvin numbers! :wink:
(Obviously, yes, this does mean that I gave up a lot of offensive power from my gear, but stacking Damage Reduction is just SO FUN!)

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Those are some pretty numbers.

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(You can even prettier numbers with Montana and Boldur! How does 7474 effective health at level 5 sound with Boldur?)

Such a shame that they are nerfing Blissbeast skull plate to give health regen instead of that extra 5.6% DR.

Well, luckily they gave him some health back and clothesline damage. So, yaaaay?

His lvl 9 life steal is goin to be a a big burst heal now.

Going through a crowd of minions is going to be over 1k healing.

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Yeah, but clothesline is still an escape skill rather than use it to heal and then you can’t have that “OH ■■■■!” button if things go south really quick.

@Penk Seeing Boldurs numbers expressed in those terms gives it a lot more impact.

And makes some of the crazy things I’ve seen him survive make a lot more sense.

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That’s what ridiculously high movement speed is for :grinning:

Not sure how Damage Reduction factors in with his physical shield though, I hope it does not stack, because otherwise that 2k shield will get seriously tough to take down!

Damage done to his shield is also reduced
So you have more time before your shield goes down not unlike having a higher capacity that recharges faster