Possible Returning Player

Alright so I have not played this in a long time. I stopped somewhere between the Alani and Pendles releases. I got into other games that came out around that time and having played so much in the beta and the summer I grew tired of it. Now I’m thinking of returning and I’m just wondering what the state of the game is.
How’s the meta? What are queue times like (PS4)? The population? Is the game “dead” now? What big changes have there been?
I did absolutely love this game when it first came out but I’ll admit I left for Paragon and Overwatch.

Lots of things happend in the meantime, so you might need to read some Battleplans and Update-patchnotes to catch up. There´s to much to put it into a small post^^
(Biggest changes: Meltdown change, Incursion change, Face-Off-mode, Bot-Battle, several character-changes, legendary-gear buffs & nerfs, new UI)

Population on consoles seemed to be growing and growing, but I can only speak for XB1.
Pinging @FlamesForAll & @HandsomeCam for PS4-population-info :heart:

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Thanks for the reply. And you’re right it is too much to put into this kind of post.
I probably should have asked something like “is this game worth coming back to”. I suppose that would have been more to the point.

No worries^^

I´d say yes, if you feel like playing again do it. But as said, alot of changes happend so it might feel like a new start.

Oh, I forgot: We now have Daily Quests and mainquests to earn credits & a bit Platinum. DraftMode has been introduced and in Bot Battles you can play with 5-man vs 5-bots.
And 4 PvE-Operations has been released so far as well. When I remember right today comes the 5th Operation - “Pheobe and the Heart of Ekkunar”.

On ps4 things aren’t bad at all depending on your region I can attest to that,

“Big changes”…

Well that’s a long one, I’d say just take a close look at your loadouts if you used legendary gear before(they changed a few effects) and also that they buffed some gear types to be more useful

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Yeah, PS4’s population definitely increased quite a bit after the winter update. I run into new players all the time now.


Breaking Character…


Ok. That was entirely my opinion… but they’ve made a lot of positive changes.
For example… Platinum can now be earned by completing quests. You can grind for Platinum skins and taunts.
That is just one of many positive things they’ve changed.
With all the changes they’ve made I can absolutely recommend it to anyone.

All I can say is, give it a shot and see if you enjoy it.

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Pretty similar experience here - I stopped playing Battleborn and played games like Overwatch for the two months prior to Battleborn’s winter update. Since then Battleborn is the only game I play. I play on PS4 and the ques are completely fine. The one thing I would suggest (and you’re probably aware of this), would be to get involved with the community on the platform. Getting to know people and just messing around or competitively organizing strategy makes the game even more addicting.

Edit: I would second Ganjamira’s suggestion to talk to FlamesForAll and/or HandsomeCam if you want to get involved. I play with both of them frequently and they can help get you connected to the loop.


In less than 24 hours all 5 Story Operations will be out!!! Each of these have 10 playthroughs that make up a complete episodic story, 2 skins for every character, 3 taunts and 6 titles. You can also get unlimited Commander Packs by learning how to collect 100 Ops each run.

If you have a party of 5, chained Loot Boosters give increasing rewards at the end of matches/missions with an 1/6 chance of a Legendary Loot Pack with a 5 man party all equipped with one.

You can also now get diamond rank on old story missions which also reward youl with legendary lootpacks for each difficulty (so 4 per mission). Plus characters can now be ranked up to Rank 20 and your Command Rank up to 150 with even more rewards!

Bots battle is awesome too because you can stomp the other team and not feel bad because they are dumb bots and still complete lore and challenges in them!!


Meta R same.