Possible save transfer between different systems (Xbox, PS, PC)

Hello everybody,
I found during the beta that when I played split screen at a friend’s house and logged into my shift account, it brought all my progress from playing before and tracked it separately from the host account. This happens because your save is kept on servers (no need to mention your dislike of online only here, there’s plenty of threads discussing that elsewhere and is not the point of this thread.) I hypothesise that if I logged onto a different system, say from ps4 to Xbox, my progress will carry over! I haven’t tried it so I can’t confirm buy I don’t see why it wouldn’t.


I was talking to a few others in Early Access and we were wondering about this as well. I’m already going to have to start over when the game is released as the progress from the Early Access and the Open Beta will not be carrying over, but since I am getting the game for 2 systems I may have to start over twice. It’s going to suck a little bit having unlocked something (a skin, a taunt, or a piece of gear) on one system and not having access to it on the other. It would be nice if because it is saved server side that I would have access to the same content on both systems.

Do we have any more info on this atm?

I still cant find any information on whether an account is or is not shared between platforms. I’d gladly buy it on both if this was the case…

I think the only verification will be after it releases

Cross platform play would fix this problem :slight_smile:

If it’s a problem. But very unlikely. PC vs consoles isn’t fair. And Xbox didn’t want too when 360 was winning and now Sony isn’t sure now that ps4 is winning.

Then at least should have cross platform play between consoles and maybe a separate playlist showing keyboard and mouse users for the people that do have friends playing on PC.

We need to stop assuming that cross platform play and a universal account are in the same boat. The functionality and the technical requirements of implementing said features are vastly different.

A universal account would not be half as complicated to implement as it would probably require no greenlighting from Sony/Microsoft and could be achieved if data is stored server side and their DB architecture is up to it and if it was also handled in an intelligent/scalable manor. Platforms would still be separate but those wishing to buy the game on multiple platforms could access the same account and ‘pick up where they left off’. It is an attractive feature for users with multiple systems.

The only problems I could see with this is if there was some crazy licensing problems that made it hard to implement, it was not in project scope and the current DB design will not support it in a further iteration or if a loot bug/glitch/exploit was present on one platform but not the others, allowing users to hammer it then proceed to have an advantage on another system when they switched.

Cross platform play is entirely different and is MUCH more difficult to implement. We have different transducers/peripherals across platforms that offer different advantages and disadvantages, we have different hardware, we have different performance for each system. We also have the hard task of getting two competing companies to agree, three if we count Valve. I also assume that a refactor of the current network code/additional networking code will have to be written which will need resource allocated for it, when they would probably prefer to allocate said resource to patching and creating DLC content.

So yer, universal account and cross platform play are, in my opinion, vastly different :slight_smile:

Rocket League is doing cross platform play and said from a technical side it was easy and they had the hardware ready to go within days of their first announcement.

They said the harder part was getting through the red tape.

They’ve been doing cross play between ps4 and PC but not Xbox and ps4 yet. It hasn’t been given the greenlight by Sony

Yes, i agree but the two projects are vastly different. I agree the red tape would of likely been the hardest part :slight_smile:

Unfortunately we do not have access to either projects documentation so we can only speculate on how they designed each product, we do not know the architecture of each product. They are vastly different games and it really depends on how each was coded. I think Gearbox mentioned that it could be on the cards for the future, so that’s promising.

We then have the problem with peripherals. Rocket League works well with all of them and there is no distinct advantage, if anything a controller is probably better due to use of analog movement over four way for movement. The right stick however, is perfectly fine for camera control as you do not have to precisely aim etc. A FPS is an entirely different concept. Aiming with a 6400 dpi mouse is, highly likely, much more accurate and faster than with a controllers right stick with its sensitivity at max. This could cause balance issues as well as an unhappy community, it depends on how they handled it.

Rocket League is also, highly likely, less demanding on systems due to its concept and therefore different framerates/hardware are likely not a huge problem. Battleborn has alot more going on on screen at once and and is an entirely different game, so someone with a higher frame rate is likely to have an advantage with a shooter/melee pvp game.

I’m in agreement that I would be interested in cross platform play :slight_smile: . I just think that it would be harder and take far more work than a universal account :stuck_out_tongue: . They are entirely different features with different requirements and workloads.

I agree without a doubt a universal account would be easier to do I just don’t see them doing it because it will cost them money as some people, including myself have bought more then one copy of the game.

I would love to be able to jump from PS4 and Xbox One depending on which of my friends are playing and all my progress saving I just don’t see them doing that but would love to be wrong.

I don’t see it choosing then any money. The saves are on their servers. In fact I’ve only heard people say if it is true they’d buy a copy on another system

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True, I can see it both ways.

So for those who have the game, is the universal account a thing or is each platform account separate?


Seperate accounts. I’m going to have to level up on each system separately.

if we can get cross platform saved game data, i get it for ps4 to play with a friend that only has a ps4

if cross platform saved data is done i think also that all we need is to buy the base and if we buy the DLC it will be added for the other console