Possible Steam Pre-Order on Epic Release Date?

The Borderlands 3 Epic release is just around the corner (9/13/19). I just read about the Fortnite/BL3 Pre-Order Pack and couldn’t help but to think IMHO, that this is serious slight to the fans/players. A 6 month exclusive to Epic (A client that seems to take an hour to download/update something that is completed in minutes through Steam. Just saying.) as part of what I can only imagine is was a “Great Financial Deal”, has taken place. (Yea, this is old news. I get it, I’m behind on the times.)
I’m seriously hoping that a Steam pre-order becomes available the day of Epic’s release. I sincerely hope, that it was taken into account that fans/players will be penalized for those 6 months of “Exclusion” as they have to not only avoid the cascade of BL3 coverage through “social sources” to avoid spoilers, but are forced to make a choice of either (A) “Suck it up princess” or (B) “Drink the Koolaid”.
I mean sure, Steam was able to give DLC and such for free for old BL games on a timed duration… that’s something right? Steam users got thrown a bone? (To my knowledge there isn’t another client with BL content anyways.) I mean sure… the idea was to swoon Steam users over to Epic. You give out some free content to get the motor running, you even give out DLC that bridges the gap between BL2 and BL3, and then wham… exclusive for 6 months.
Its the equivalent of… and I may get some FL4K for this… relationships. You’ve had this awesome relationship for years, sure it had its ups and downs, but you always make it through, and that strengthens the bonds between you. Then… then… this person who you’d bury a body for introduces you to their new “friend”, someone they thought would make a mind altering addition to the current relationship. Now you and this new person, don’t mesh at all, but you try, because you don’t want to mess with the original relationship. Then you come to find out that your friend… your dear dear friend, of whom you have considered family/life partner/soul mate… what have you… well they are going on an out of the country vacation with… the acquaintance… for like a year, but the acquaintance would only be there for the first 6 months. They were nice enough to give you a plane ticket… you could leave in say 6 months… but that’s only to spend the remaining 6 months of the year with just your bestie. Or… or… you could buy your own ticket… and have to spent the whole year with them… yes them, because you find out when you go, that you’ve become the acquaintance… cause you find your bestie in bed with captain d-bag and realize you are now going to be troubled for the rest of your life… (Eh, more or less)

The only pros I can currently think of…
All the bugs, crashes, fixes, balancing, and patches should be done in that 6 months.
Season Pass Content should just be releasing.

So I hope that a Steam Pre-Order becomes available day of Epic’s release. That would be a smart move. Don’t need to give away free stuff, feed the “entitled” or what have you. Just be fair to the fans.

(This information is nothing new, possibly just flogging a dead horse here.)


Somehow your senseless rant makes me want to refund my preorder.

it would be nice if after the 6 month exclusivity, you could play it on steam without having to buy it again.
i still to this day find PC platform exclusivity absolutely ridiculous.

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I haven’t been able to find the function on the Epic Launcher people refer to about being able to link your Steam Friends List. Sadly I got roped into the whole Epic Launcher usage when I transferred my Fortnite account from PS4 to PC… and that was a nightmare. Once the BR phase dropped into the game, I lost interest. They put the paid for game development on hold for like a year. But that’s neither here nor there.

Maybe BL3 will have a Circle of Slaughter BR mode that drops for free. That doesn’t break exclusivity right? I mean Epic did it, separated their game into 2 “games” that weren’t considered a full game unless you got both. So who knows. Wishful thinking I guess.

Its there. I think it was under add a friend it gave options to link steam and facebook