Possible to cancel/refund preorderd borderlands 2 or swap it the purchase from pc to psn digital?

guys i pre-orded the super deluxe edition of borderlands 3 but i have accidentally preorderd it on pc and i was meant to preorder it on psn digital is there anyway i can get it refunded before the release to insure i can play it when it drops with my friends please help

You’ll need to contact whichever store you ordered it through and see what they say. Some folks have been successful in cancelling their order through the 2K site and re-ordering through EGS. However, that was before things started shipping, and that is now in progress, so you’ll need to contact the relevant store asap.

i bought the digital copy on pc but i bought it on epicgames but they take weeks to email back i have messed up so bad i have no idea what to do i am so sad

There’s a contact us form on the store FAQ page.

Right at the bottom.