Possible to get a main quest reward that didn't drop?

I just beat GenIVIV on TVH M3, but did not receive the special shield. Can she drop it outside the story? (just going back and beating her normally). If not, I’ve been creating backup copies of my local save, but I don’t know if they store quest data. Any info is appreciated.

The shield isn’t a reward or anything, it’s her drop. So farming will do it’s :slight_smile: happy hunting!

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Sweet :grinning: Though I do wish other shields gave you a free drone, that chatter got old really quickly when I played on Normal mode :confused:

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Hahahha, I feel that. But that’s the quirk.

I was playing Zane and the one in got was a Projectors version? So. It throws off your body when you crouch or slide. Now. My Amara had done the Pain and Terror fight wearing one of those, and it sucked because every time I tried to get away, my shield was away from me and I was vulnerable.

So when my friend and I pulled up to the boss fight, I go in my inventory and click on another shield. But I muttered in an Irish accent, “I’m sorry GenIVIV, it’s not me, it’s you” and my friend cracked up for a minute straight.

And then we died anyway.