Possible to get an Ol' Painful at Level 70?

Refresh me…I think the ability to get an Ol’ Painful went away BEFORE the level cap increase to 70…but I just can’t remember.

I have a couple in mules but they are all way below Level 70.

If it IS possible, I am interested in trading for one.

It’s not. It was a level 60 event, and there was never a shift code to get one. 60 is all you can get.

Nope only dropped from Odjurymir which was only available when the max cap was 60. Same kinda deal with the Frostfire.

Thanks Fellas…it’s a shame…

Have a couple ideas for it’s use at level 70…

Oh well…

Another question:

What is the best chucking unique??? Most damage on chucks??

For that matter…best chucking Purple??

I really wish they had made the frostfire and ol’painful farmable…but whatever there are so many other unfarmables I guess it dosent really matter at this point.

regarding the chucking: you’re probably looking at the baby maker. But I have heard good things about the laser disker and mabye the shooterang if you can figure it out.

Laser disker and ivf are in my opinion the best chuckers. There are other good ones as well.

I’m looking for a Unique to chuck…Kind of slim pickings…

Volt Thrower looks interesting

Am thinking of making an all unique run of the Sentinel with Wilhelm

Something like this…
Haymaker or a couple of different Moxxi Slammers with immunities…maybe Shield of Ages
Shock Kiss of Death and Data Scrubber
System’s Purge
Howitzer Mod or Equalizer (Gun Only Version) …maybe Blaster Mod or Scorcher (Laser Version)
Moonface or Torquemada for Explosive Shotgun
Hard Reboot for Shock Pistol
Volt Thrower for Chucking Against Shields
Company Man for Shock Shotgun
Shock and Fire Hails for AR’s
Fire TSr-4
Cutie Killer for Fire SMG
Fast Talker for Shock SMG
Sniper??? Doubt it for that fight…but there is only one Unique I know of…Plunkett (EDIT…Wait, Fire or Shock Fremington Edge from that long quest at the end of the Hollodome…might at least be available for the ammo pool)

Laser Version would add:
Vibra Pulse for Shock
Laser of Enlightenment for Fire…maybe Firestarta
Freezeeasy (if I can get one) or Mining Laser …but Cryo is very questionable in that fight
Hurtful Splodger for Corrosive…but again not needed in that fight

Suggestions anyone??

Now you can go for it as Odjurymir is back until January 4th. :wink: