Possible to increase the number of gear slots in the future?

Curious to see if we could get additional gear slots? (Two maybe?) With so many choices in equipment it could help people fill the role they intend to play in a match. With the limitations of having only one of that type in your three slots I can see it only as a bonus for more play style. Plus there are those games where you rack up the shards because turrets can only upgrade so far.

You’ll have 6 when you reach rank 20. I think max is 10. 6 unlocked and 4 purchased.

I’m actually referring to how many items you can activate. Not about load outs. Sorry if i wasn’t clear.

Oh alright. Got you now. I’ve never really seen a need for more than 3 gear pieces. I can’t be too certain, but I think we could see a rise to more balance issues if implemented. Especially with some of the legendary gear pieces out there.

Its a matter of shards and the shard-issue can grow into a team-issue.
Already now people are behaving rather badly just to activate 3 legendary gears, and even more are complaining about OP-gear-arrangements.
I guess to double the amount you can wear would only double the issues and problems…

Here an interesting topic elaborating these issues I spoke off :heart:

I’d keep it at 3. Otherwise, things may go a bot off-balance. Currently, the game is much more dependent on player skill as opposed to gear loadout and I like it that way.

I see what you are saying about the shards and I can agree with that. There are many ways I can think of going about this if asked for specific opinions. Example being. Removing small shards and in replace reward them for kill / assists for player and minion deaths. (Long as a form of damage was applied and not just last hitting to count) It would encourage a bit more aggressive play but you can probably count team to be there more often.

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I like that idea in pve. Who cares if you’re really strong vs bots? Just hop on hardcore advanced if it’s too easy :stuck_out_tongue: