Possible to link PS4 and Steam accounts?

I’m around CL 103 on my steam account, but recently picked up the game on PS4 to play with a group of friends.

Is there any way to link my accounts, so at very least I could get my skins and titles?

I believe people have asked this before, and that the answer is an unfortunate “no”; but i COULD be wrong (i usually am).

The GOOD news is that there’s a healthy, friendly group of Battleborn veterans on PS4, and it’s easy to team up at almost any time of day.

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If you’re looking to join the PS4 community, I’d say @epicender584 or @FlamesForAll are the best people to ask.


Preferably @FlamesForAll, who needs to get off of his lazy butt and MAKE ANOTHER “FORUM FRIENDS” CHAT!!

With blackjack; and hookers! In fact, forget the chat and the blackjack!

Ah, screw the whole thing…


I usually add forum peeps. Flames adds 30 people once a month (or did when we had space). He’s been pretty lax with adding non forumers though so we ran out of space. I’ll still friend anyone though

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Haha alright then; my friends and I will take a look.

Until then I guess I’ll keep grinding. Playing Oscar Mike just isn’t the same without the flaminco pink armor.

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I’m so annoyed at the 100 member limit of the Forum Folks chat.

I’m also super annoyed that I cannot remove members who I know never or almost never use the chat.

Good design choice, PSN.

And yeah lol Forum Folks hasn’t been an entirely accurate chat name for quite some time.

More like “Active, Skilled, Dedicated & (Mostly) Nice Battleborn Players”.

Maybe I will make another.

I know a LOT of really good people who are super good and play tons that could benefit from it.

@HandsomeCam @epicender584


@HandsomeCam @epicender584

If I made a second chat, I’d be tempted to add a bunch of people from the original one so the new people I invite could team up with the uber vets, but that would be redundant, right?

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Large number of forum battleborn members tend to be on the PS4… You guys are missing out all the great fun on Xbox1!

Joking. I’m just jeolous.


Shrugs. You’re the PSN community organizer, so you do what feels best. Maybe you should make a “veteran” chat with all the regulars, and a “learning” chat with all the new players, with specific veterans who don’t mind being part of both chats, and helping new players.

This is hard… How do you do it? Drugs?

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“Learning” is super inaccurate.

All the people I want to invite are highly skilled & experienced seasoned vets.

They mostly just lack a means of consistently organizing games.

I was just looking through my friends list, I’ve got at least 50 who I could invite.

Call it Battleborn buddies.


Very few of them would know who any of the others were the way the original few dozen people of the original Forum Folks did due to forum interactions.

Also, did you know that I have every single one of the 100 current Forum Folks on my friends list?

I’m pretty proud of that!

And yes, drugs. Well, ONE drug. But an all natural one! With copious amounts of alcohol.




Buy a PS4.

Make the switch.


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Well, at least we know you can have over a hundred friends, haha! F*cking PSN chat mechanics…

On the bright side, think about this; you personally know almost as many Battleborn players than half of the supposed playerbase on PC. That’s… Pretty cool.

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Handsome I wish you had stayed in the FF chat before it filled up.

You’re one of the crew.

I am going to make a second chat do you want an invite?

You’d sadly probably be the only forum person in there aside from myself.

I don’t think inviting any of the current Forum Folks to the new chat would make sense because why wouldn’t they just keep using the original one?


People who don’t know what an annoying jackass i am?! Sign MY ass up!

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I will send you a friend request on PSN and invite you to the new chat when I make it soon ok?


Will do amigo.

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Yeah, i wished i had stayed on too, but i didn’t know then what i know now, regarding notification blocking.

Also, they claim that Xbox has the healthiest playerbase? Ha! I laugh! I doubt they’ve come together like WE have; and we owe that to you and your chat. So just… Pat yourself on the back. Now. RIGHT now.

EDIT: Oh, and as always, feel free to hit me up whenever you need to fill a spot with someone barely competent, but who never gives up. Worst case scenario is that i say “f*ck you, i’m shooting zombies.” Haha!

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@FlamesForAll I wouldn’t mind if you made a new chat for the most active players but it’s up to you, I’m pretty happy with the current forum folks chat, a lot of fun, good players in there!


@HandsomeCam @epicender584

New chat made!

Invited you both.

Lol I added an original 61, and then a good BB buddy of mine promptly added 30 more.

Sitting at 96 already although im sure a lot will leave.

Matches are already being organized in it.

Also…thank you!