Possible to Q solo/pug only?

I just really dont like premades… even if i am on a premades team.

Just played 3 games in a row where i had a premade of 3 on my team.

Wasnt even fun because we ROFLSTOMPED the enemy team in less than 10 minutes every single game.

The poor enemy teams were getting stomped so bad, that most of them would just leave after getting murdered a couple times.

Me personally I just dont think this type of play style is fun… i would much rather have a competitive game than a 100-0 roflstomp massacre. Its not satisfying at ll when the enemies drop like flies… i want a BATTLE (battleborn)

Maybe you could add an option in the options menu for people like me who dont like this whole premade thing? Something like “check this box if you wish to play in PUG only games”

That way… it doesnt effect everybodies Q times… just mine?

Id gladly wait 5 more minutes for a fun 30 minute game then get insta Q and have 5 minute ROFLSTOMP.

I notice there are tons of premades tonight. I usually try to exit matchmaking if im put on a premade or up against one, but tonight they were unavoidable… i had to just accept it and play with one.

I didnt like it. Some of the games would end up 5v3 because the enemy team rage quit, some of the games were over before i even hit level 6 >_>

I know this is fun to some people to stomp noobs or whatever, but to me it is not.

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Were you playing casual or competitive?

You are just going to recieve the same advice on this topic as you did your other one.

Makes friends, play with friends, send messages to folks you think are good, you win some you lose some, you stomp some you get stomped in some… That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

I’m sorry you keep getting the raw end of the stomp or stompee stick…
But people just like playing with their friends, it’s great fun!

And even though you see a premade group, don’t assume they are all talking to each other, as some aren’t, some are pairing up in communities just for fun and then seeing how they go.

Adding a premade function, certainly might help full groups of premades most certainly meet their match…
But will this be limited to 5v5 premade only?
Or are you wanting to put some couch co-op people who are a team of two having giggles side by side in the same box?

Not all less than 5 premade groups (4, 3, 2) want to end up in a premade group either… if I’m playing couch co-op, I don’t want to be paired up with a potentially bossy team of 3, just because I’m sitting on a couch with someone I enjoy gaming with.

Obviously I play on PS4, so I think such a function would be restrictive and maybe not work as well on console, because there are just too many divides with premade numbers (groups of 2, 3, 4 and 5)… I’m not sure if co-op exists on PC for example, and what potential hassles it may cause.

Obviously there is casual and competitive play now too…
But even then, you will still experience all the same troubles.

CR doesn’t really change a stomping or stompee aspect either, because they are just an indication of gameplay, not a persons skill.
Some people are born excellent video game players, and some are made by hours of training (playing).
So while CR100 looks fair to another CR100, it may not be the case, it’s simply their game numbers match.
There could be a gifted CR10 out there against a CR100, who could still slaughter them, without the need for impressive gear or helix mutations, you never know!

And yes, then there’s the matchmaking factors such as wins/losses, that makes the matchmaking algorithm… Not entirely an indicator of stomp or stompee either.
Because some players earn their wins, and some players are simply along for the ride…
Just as some players get a loss due to just being beaten by a better team or having an uncoordinated team.
So the bag continues to be mixed.

I’m sorry to be a downer. But I think this is just something you are going to have to get used to…
I personally just see too many complications with a ‘check box’ system, and I don’t see how it would stop your main cause for concern, stomps and stompees.

Remember, if you can’t beat them, join them!
Plenty of folks willing to pair up/group up on different platforms :wink:

I went up against a premade group once. It was during a minion push. I was alone, accompanied by two thralls and an elite bot. Their Kelvin came in first and CC’ed me. Their melka vaulted over my possé of bots and thralls leaving behind a pool of poison or whatever the hell she leaves behind. Then their Thorn dropped a Blight which finished everything off.

I need to find friends that pls this game so we can synergize strategies like that one day.

Trust me its not as fun as you think it is playing with such extreme coordination.

Yes i know its a team game, but in this particular game… teamwork is very very OP.

And your situation describes it perfectly.

Youll pretty much never see a group of pugs with such strategies or teamworks.

At the current moment… premades are out there STOMPING ( STOMPINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG) the absolute piss out of all their competition.

I know for some people it might be fun to win a game in less than 10 minutes every time, but for me personally i find joy in being able to reach level 10, and get in a decent bit of PVP combat.

With premade it goes like this:

  • Match begins
    -Premade rushes middle, (usually ive noticed the premades also have one person with shard generator and buildable reduction gear)
  • So they also spawn elite minion on first wave
  • PUG team is dead within 1 minute
  • Enemy sentry is already taking damage and usually dead within first 2 minutes.
  • Premade keeps stomping, building, killing everything in sight…
  • Final sentry bot is usually killed around 9-10 minute mark. (thats if they dont surrender by then)

10 minute long games with no chllenge or even near death experience.

To each their own man… i just think this sounds boring and it seems to play out the exact same every game.

The only way to counter this imo is to put premades against premades and pugs against pugs.

That way the excessive teamwork is cancelled out by the other premades excessive teamwork

Premade vs PUG -

Somebody is going to get stomped in less than 10 minutes.

I personally dont want to be on the sending or recieving end of a 10 minute stomp. Competitive, back and forth matches for the win =)

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Obviously it WILL affect everyone else’s queues. If you opt out of the premade queues, either you will never be a potential 4th or 5th player for less than 5 men premades, or you won’t be selected to compete against them. End result is, everyone will have to wait that much longer, you first and foremost.

Sadly, games like Battleborn are meant to be played in team, or at the very least to communicate as soon as people are put into the same team ( which character they’d like to play, create team synergy… ).

So, yeah, don’t further split the pool of available players by adding this kind of options. It just doesn’t make sense. Find people to play with, or just adapt your own strategy.
And to be fair, if the opponents are getting wrecked hard by a 3men premade, then they were probably going to be destroyed anyway, even by PUG. I’d say it’s probably more an issue of matchmaking ( or lack thereof ). I presume you were playing Casual ? There are absolutely no matchmaking active there, hence the potential destruction.

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And sometimes, as ‘synchronised’ as these premade teams may appear… They aren’t even talking game tactics, or whom should go where and when… but discussing music, movies, or the weather… Their stomp is just individual player skill, combined with keeping a very good eye on their mini map, haha.

The circumstances of premades vary from team to team, some have strategies to win at all costs, some are simply playing the same game together while being social, and some are randomly formed in queue with no prior knowledge of one another.

Believe me, prior to Battleborn, I never thought I’d be a mic user and engage in some cooperative communications… But hey, it encouraged me to try something new, and I don’t regret it… Yet, haha :wink:

My pre-made vs pub stomp team if I get matched against someone who shouldn’t be against us we surrender provided they are trying to put up a fight. Only time we intentionally punish is after a stupid taunt you catch me out and spank me fair play you taunt me on 44 damage while your teammates did the work that’s a one way ticket to taunt town. Only exception is super saiyan Reyna.