Possible to re-download saved game?

I’ve being playing B3 since it was released and have now completed the main game. I originally saved it onto an external drive (to avoid taking up too much space on my main PC hard drive). In the last week or so I’ve heard the sound of the external drive disconnecting and then reconnecting and the game won’t launch (I think it thinks it is not installed).

Is it possible to download the game again - including my Saved Game (Level 50!!) and re-save it on my internal PC hard drive? I have a nasty feeling the external drive is starting to die.


As long as you have a Cloud Save on the Epic Servers, the game should allow you to download it and use it.

I’ve had it happen recently that my laptop’s power cord wasn’t working, and I didn’t realize it (I just had to buy a new power supply this week as a result) and so in the middle of running a mission, my laptop battery died and my rig shut itself down without properly saving and exiting the game.

The next time I booted up BL3, Epic’s Launcher prompted me to choose whether I wanted to use my local game save, or my cloud game save which was older than the local one because the local one didn’t get a chance to sync up with the cloud save service.

So, I would hope that if you boot up with no local save, that the Epic Launcher would offer you the option to download the cloud save automatically.

Thanks Jack. Trying this now - fingers crossed!

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