Possible to skip new character video?

it would be nice if we could skip the opening cut scenes after your first complete play through

It’s the same in previous instalments. I just bit the bullet and created one of each character and stuck with FL4K so I don’t have to deal with it later.

It would be nice to be able to skip it though.

Also, what’s with the animation of CL4P-TP starting to come out on to the screen and disappearing just after the AMD logo? It’s almost like the NVIDIA logo from BL2.

the CL4P-TP thing is a loading thing i have my game on an M.2 drive and have never seen it but my buddy gets it all the time and he has it on a HDD

With the BL1 remaster GB made many of the cut scenes skippable. The intro, many enemy introductions, can be skipped.
I was happy about that, and of course assumed they’d carry that through to BL3.

Well…I skipped it by accident.

Was about to play with a friend, and had never created a Zane. I joined his game, chose a new character and the intro scene never played.