Possible to still be alive?

I have a theory that lilith may still be alive. If you talk to Ava on sancutarys bridge, she will hint that no one knows if lilith is actually dead and then tell you to look at the pandora vault key in liliths room. Upon interacting with the key you’ll see a star with wings were a vault symbol used to be before the events of lilith sacrificing herself. Do you think they may be hinting that lilith could still be alive?


That might just be Pandora’s location

@Eg.Angel I thought the same thing too but why would it would it change from a vault symbol to just a star with wings. It could also be where elspis used to be. My thinking is that this symbol could possibly be lilith location or something


Lilith did Phase the moon away, it has to be somewhere right?

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Its fiction. Lilith could be a live. Or she could turn out to be Handsome Jacks long-lost twin sister/mother in law and become the insane villain of the next game resurrected as an AI installed in a Hyperion Loader and come bent on revenge for what us bandits did to her family.


In the lore she killed Handsome Jack, melted his face of after “we” killed the Guardian

sure. that doesn’t mean she can’t turn out to be his twin sister, lost at birth.

See, she could be up on elpis now and find an echo log that jack left behind… and a photo of them when they were babies. She might remember the face of their mom as she said, “Lilith you be a good siren. Don’t forget your megalomaniacal brother, Little Johnny”

Then Lilith realizes she betrayed everything that matters- her brother (who is also her son in law. Jack having married Liliths daughter she gave up as a teenager, not knowing he was marrying his neice). So now the firehawk is pissed and goes insane- because she’s on the moon LUNACY HAPPENS!

there’s your set stage for borderlands 4. Your welcome.


That’s good writing, where were you when they wrote 3


I was busy playing PUBG and teaching math to middle school kids…

But if they’d asked me I might have given them some tips…


Maybe shes still on Elpis somewhere and the firehawk symbol is a indication of where future vault hunters might find her. Maybe even a possible Bl4 story line if they even want to take it that far

I’d rather Maya still be alive somehow


Somebody doesn’t know their movie cliches. If there isn’t a body then they’re still kickin’.

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Maya could be alive by future Ava and vault hunters transport her moment she die also, she scream because her power were being tore away from forcefully transport and Troy leeching

turns out they got the middle school kids to write it when they should have had the teacher

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They can bring Maya back they just need the Infinity Stones. I’m sure some Siren’s can do better than the Avengers, Right?

So you’re saying she’ll be back as the Winter Soldier!

A artifact or vault could teleport a moment of death and that why she was screaming because her powers being tore from at two events

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Elpis could be a dlc where we save/find lilith

They seemed to have left it open

They can write maya back in somehow. But I’m leaning towards getting old bmvauktnhunters out and getting new ones in.

Brick, mordecai and zero really didnt have alot of time in this game. It was more of a nostalgia thing imo.


Some decent points here for things that can be done. I’m going to put a link here to another similar discussion. Please post your ideas. At the bottom is a link to an initiative to get Gearbox’s attention on this particular topic as well.

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Why exactly that post was flagged? I see nothing wrong with a petition.