Possible to upload 360 saves without a 360?

So I’m wondering if there’s a way to reclaim my Borderlands 2 characters from years ago on my Xbox One. Unfortunately I no longer have a 360 to upload those characters. Is there a way to circumvent this?

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If you have the backwards compatible version of Borderlands 1 on your XB1, you may be able to use that to upload the 360 save files (assuming they are still available via cloud sync). The process should (in theory) be identical to if you had a physical 360: go to “Export” in the old version and select a save. Then quit, launch the new version, and “Import” (“Save as new” when prompted).

Just for clarity, thats to download borderlands 2 characters correct? the only copy of borderlands two I have is the handsome collection I recently downloaded from Xbox live. Years ago I had borderlands two and the DLC is bought separately on my Xbox 360. The issue seems to be that I would have needed to have uploaded my characters on the 360 prior to being able to pull them from the cloud and use them on this new version for Xbox one.Or am I misunderstanding you?

Sorry - was just answering a ton of BL1 questions and didn’t notice the BL2! Will phase shift to the right section.

But yes, you should be able to upload using the BL2 b/c version then download in the HC version. Again, assuming that your original BL2 saves were in your cloud sync folder (so that they are still in the cloud and available to the b/c version of the game on XB1.)

This means you’ll need a copy of the backwards compatible BL2 on your XB1 (which can co-exist quite happily with the Handsome Collection version.) To get that, you’ll need to either (a) wait for it to be on free or sale in the store or (b) find a physical BL2 copy and pop that in to trigger the download.

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I appreciate that, I’ll keep an eye out. How do I know if it’s the backwards compatible version? Will it say it’s playable on 360 and One? Sorry to keep blowing you up lol but we’re talking hundreds of hours with multiple OP8 chars and loot to match. Don’t get me wrong, I’m playing the handsome collection version now having started over but with my kids playing now too I’d love to show them a 5 second raid kill.

The backwards compatible version should be clearly identified in the XB1 store as a 360 title for use on XB1. Here:


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Thank you for all your help!

OK so I picked up the backwards compatible Xbox 360 version today. At first I got really excited LOL because it said that I had last played on a different console and asked me if I wanted to load the info which of course I responded yes. so it downloads whatever is in there but when character selection comes up it only shows the level one soldier per default. When I open the sub menu to port over characters, it only has upload character option referring to the current level one soldier. Is there anything else I can try to recover those files? I’m hoping I just missed a step. It does show my history having the headhunter packs and crawmerax purchased however and old shift code redemptions.

PM’d you but didn’t realise you were talking BL2 not BL1. The process is similar though: your backwards compatible version should show any saves that you had in the cloud sync folder on your original 360, unless you had completely deleted them.

When you launch the b/c version, you can check what’s available by hitting character select (Y). Once you have a character selected, then you can use the “Upload” menu item on that save; this will make it available in the Handsome Collection version for download.

The reason you’re seeing a level 1 soldier when you launch the game is because that it is the default option. You’ll only see any other available saves when you hit “Character Select”

Hope that clears things up, and apologies for confusing the BL1 and BL2 games - it’s been a bit of whirlwind lately!

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