Possible use for bloody revival?

I can’t test it right now, but does fire fiend work in ffyl? That accuracy boost, especially with a barbarian mod may be cool.

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Never gave it any thought, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Apart from one or two specific scenarios, skills work in FFYL. But, since you’re bringing the subject up… Why not test it out for yourself, and post your findings here. Since Fire Fiend also boosts reload speed, it should be very easy to determine whether it works or not.

What would you propose to use for this little experiment? The Vladof barrels are the only guns I can imagine being used : Ogre, CHOPPER, Hail, Shredifier, Lead Storm.

This sounds pretty funny actually : a suicide build so you can snipe with an Ogre in FFYL :laughing:

I know for sure that bloodbath continues for its duration if you go in FFYL, so that is a big boost no matter what. Krieg has a big synergy with the Kerblaster i must say, boosting its mag size, DMG and reload quite a bit… It’s some what accurate too so bloody revival+bloodbath in FFYL MAY seem appealing with Redeem the soul active.

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I cant seem to stay on fire in ffyl.
This seems bunk then. Ogre did rip through enemies with bloody revival and elemental elation. So there is that.