Possible way to farm level one weapons

I’m on Xbox If this is already known I’m sorry for reposting. But I found something interesting. When playing and someone joins your game they are technically in the game before they select their character. When they actually enter I noticed they “level up” upon entering. If you are farming graveward or any other boss I’m assuming, if you kill them while the other player has joined the game but not entered in the game they are considered level 1 and they get level one gear from the kill.

My friend got a level one infinity pistol. May help some folks looking for low level shields and weapons.

If this is my find just give me credit. I want to be internet famous. :joy::joy::joy:

Good find. However it’s already been a thing. Glitching Queen used this in the Slaughter shafts to farm level 1 Infinity pistols for the Jacob’s money barrels.