Possible ways to save Battleborn

                                We have already heard people's complaints.
                    We have heard the theory's for the game not taking off .
           Let's keep it 100 on possible ways to give this great game a second life.
  1. Cross Product Promotion: Using other gearbox games to advertize Battleborn.
    There are many ways a marketing strategy like this can be implemented.

a. Inclusion with Borderlands 3. This can be through giving players who purchase a battlepass with borderlands a key for Battleborn, or maybe just doing a joint project. Just like how there is a “Halloween Event” in Borderlands 3 currently, fundraising and picking together scraps for a “Battleborn Event” could be beneficial for Gearbox/2k’s brand overall. This is not the only way to do it, just the first thoughts that came to mind.

This could be give and take as well.
Borderlands 3 doing a Battleborn event.
Battleborn doing a Borderlands 3 event.
Easy to market on Instagram/Social media in general as well. If it looks cute or meme-able enough, people repost.

b. Emailing using Borderlands 3 email list or using Borderlands homepage for advertising.
Again, this is on the topic of cross product promotion. Battleborn is a very good game. That is a fact, it is a good game. There is also currently a free trial. A strong marketing campaign could be the only push the game needs to get on the map. Also emailing in particular is extremely cost effective, its cheap and that matters.

The average gamer’s computer has improved over the past 3 years. Gamers ,now more than ever, meet the system requirements for Battleborn.

A few,low budget, marketing stunts, around the same time, could be all it takes.

The focus wouldn’t just be Battleborn and the team itself, but Gearbox/2k as a brand as well. The greater the success of all the games, the easier it is to sell new ones.

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