Possibly new Vita patch!

I contacted Gio Corsi on Twitter regarding the deletion of e-tech relics on the Vita, and he said he’d look into it. Hopefully this is a good sign!

Adam Palooga
@giocorsi I LOVE your Borderlands 2 vita port, but E-tech relics (one of the main features of a paid DLC) are glitched and delete :frowning:
8:25 PM - 2 Mar 2016
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Gio Corsi ‏@giocorsi 11h11 hours ago
@AdamPalooga will look into it - thanks for the heads up!
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It would be amazing, if it could be fixed. Every Borderlands Vita player will be more than happy!

He asked me more questions about what specific DLC they are from. I think this may happen.

It happened :slight_smile:

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