Possibly not gonna be around

Just thought I’d say a piece. I’m having a really hard time understanding this new forum and I can’t really get into the format and what not, so I’m probs not going to frequent here as often as I’d like to, I must say, the community environment on the forums is what actually kept the Borderlands experience very much alive for me. I haven’t got the latest DLC (I can’t afford it since I was spending my money on christmas, however in the new year I will buy it) so I’ve not really played TPS much either.

Hell I think I’m going somewhere with this, down the route of I’ve enjoyed chatting to you guys and playing some games, but if you wanna talk or play some time I guess here isn’t the place I’ll be. I’ve learned an incredible amount off of some of the regulars and tell the truth, that’s what made my Borderlands lifespan great too, I’m so thankful for the help and the memories in game with some of the guys on here. I will still be keeping up to date with Borderlands news and DLC, I very much love the franchise and me choosing to not post here (indefinitely or irregularly I haven’t decided, since I can’t get on with this forum) wont affect posting videos on my YouTube channel or just playing for the hell of it, so you’re all welcome to play with me or join me on YouTube…other than that I dunno. Maybe I’ll change my mind about this new forum style, but right now I feel like an 80 year old in the Apple store.

These forums are certainly very different in format and it did take a few days (at least for me) to settle in and learn the basic functions, learn the navigation, and set up all my notifications and settings, but I’m persoanlly starting to like these forums more than the old one.

From my observations this week, it seems a lot of forum members are still posting on the old forums, so I expect things over here to pick up significantly once the old forums are closed down.

Anyway, I was wondering if there was anything in particular that you weren’t comfortable with or didn’t understand with the new forums. I’m sure myself and others would be willing to help you out and get you more familiar and comfortable with these forums.

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I’m pretty slow for these things, and it took me about 2-3 days of use (porting old threads mainly) to get used to it.

It’s different, I grant you that. But once you know your way around it, it’s MUCH easier to use :smile:

The effort required is worth it.


yep I agree… Took a while to get used to it, but now I like it… Hate having to monitor 2 forums though!

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There seems to be a lot of people uncomfortable with the new playform but give it time and you will get use to it.
Both forum platforms have pros and cons but in the end I prefer this one.

I still enjoy using the old forums, but I really like the new one. I find it easier to use, it has faster and more convenient navigation and it doesn’t automatically log me out after 10 minutes of inactivity. It does take getting used to but overall I think the change is a big plus. There are still some things being tweaked, and these wouldn’t have been addressed without us using it and telling the Team what we liked and what we wanted to change.
If necessary, take baby steps in using this new forum. Take it slow when trying to work out how stuff works. There is no rush to make giant posts of bright colours and pictures. I’m more or less used to the new forum but there is stuff I haven’t even touched yet. I’ll probably get round to it eventually, but for now I mostly use the simple stuff such as adding colour or posting a video.

It’s not really anything in particular I don’t like, I think the forum looks slick and all, but call me old fashioned, I just love using forums like the old one. I find the navigation easier for a start.

The only benefit I’ve found from this forum is how notifications work, but then to me it just feels like I’m using Facebook or Google+ with YouTube (which I think fucking sucks).

I posted a lot in the old forums, so it’s not like I wasn’t an active member but after joining this one, I just don’t feel inclined to post as much. I don’t know why, I can’t really pinpoint it. I’m never against change and I’m always happy to coincide with the rest, but I’ve tried just reading posts and navigating this forum without posting and it just doesn’t feel accessible to me.

@Arcxna I’m sure you’re not the only one who is feeling like this. All I can say is to give it some more time and hopefully the new forums will start to grow on you. I had similar thoughts to you on my first day or two here but I settled in extremely quickly; for yourself and others it may take some more time.

Hmmm, folks here are pretty helpful and I found them tolerant of my silly questions. I am a big believer in single page formats and like how this one functions. I can understand someone frequenting these boards alot being a bit put off.

We were all a bit put off initially, but those who stayed got used to it. Some of the features are actually pretty neat.

I came to these forums fresh a little while ago. I found them to be very intuitive and a lot better than many others I have seen.

Okay, I never knew the old ones and I can imagine the wealth of knowledge apparently (at the time) gone with the missing links might have been a problem, but that seems mostly to have been reeled in now.

It’s a good forum, thank you.

It’s pretty bad compared to the old forum. Techies with their fingers in the pie, that think everything is best when viewed on a 4.2" screen with an app. The old forum was the compendium of human knowledge…the encyclopedia of every detail of Borderlands. All lost now…like the burning of the great library of Alexandria.

I actually browse via laptop and I think it looks good (I never did get around to accepting that it was okay to pay all that money per month for a phone contract)