Possibly the best grenades

I believe that one of the best grenade mods is the " its piss" grenade dropped by the duo of sloth and chunk in tanis, mine level. It makes whatever it procs on take an extra 20% damage from all sources. And since you can get it anointed to have bonus effects that makes it extra useful.

Oh, and the boss os a goonies reference

The grenade itself is a reference to the Jarate item in Team Fortress 2.

And yeah, I can see it being pretty useful for fast boss clears, for everyone other than Moze.

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It is quite useful for taking out most bosses but tgere are a few it seems not to work on. The final boss and grave are the only two ive found so far that it wont proc for.

And if you have the self replenishing grenades with moze it turnes her into a boss killing machine.

Moze can shred bosses in a single-digit number of seconds with just a Torgue launcher and some skill points. She has plenty of damage buffs stronger than 20%.

The reason I singled her out was because she gets way more benefit from other grenades, i.e. Hex, Storm Front, Quasar, Fire Storm. The fact that It’s Piss deals one instance of damage means that it’s not useful for repeatedly proccing Means of Destruction and Vampyr.

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Did not know that, thanks for the tip

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