Post 03/26/2020 Update Crashing Master Thread

Collecting the multiple related threads together to pass on to GBX…


As the title says, my game keeps crashing in an early part of the DLC (2).

Has happened 5 times now. Anyone else having this issue?


My game is crashing when I’m doing the trail runs. This is after the newest patch and dlcs Guns,Love and tentical was downloaded. When I’m in games go to close out of game to take me to main screen the game is asking me to make an update…no update once prompted to main screen. This is for ps4

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Yeah I’m also having this problem on my base ps4. I’m restarting everything now will update if that solved the issue or not… probably won’t though.

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Annnnnd crashed again. Really enjoying this dlc so far super bummed this is keeping me from progressing.

Just purchased and installed the DLC in the past 90 minutes and had two crashes in less than an hour. Before the download, it had been running just fine.


Yes, xperiencing increased PS crash frequency post-March 26/2020 patch.


I’ve just had four PC crashes in a row in the Handsome Jackpot DLC with Flak. Have never had this happen before with my other characters, but have noticed more freezes in game play since yesterday. I`m on Steam?

I am on PC. BL 3 was running very smoothly until latest patch and DLC. Now it is crashing and also running so jerky at times it is nearly unplayable. Have changed nothing on my system, have not installed any other game or program, same video driver and settings. How can Gearbox mess up something that was running fine?? I am on Epic, last game to ever buy there!!

Better to post this in the PC support forum.

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Will do, Thanks!

My game is always crashing in the new DLC, it is getting very frustrating. I got to the case of Wainwright Jakobs mission and everytime I enter the cemetery to continue the story the game crashes

To help narrow things down a bit, could you please post which character/action skill you are playing? I’ve seen enough reports specifically mentioning FL4K and Rakk Attack to be suspicious!


I’m running Fl4k with Rakk Attack and the game is constantly crashing for me as well. *This is occurring frequently in the Cemetery area of the new DLC. I am on PS4.

I am running flak with rakk attack and I am having same problem as well
It is highly annoying

So all I did was take rakk attack off during the cemetery and got past it hope it works for y’all


Using Amara, LOB, or any other gun, really doesn’t matter. Game blue screens. Happened twice already in the first 30 min of DLC gameplay.

Thanks, I hate it.

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I have been using fl4k/Rakk attack


Also, @VaultHunter101, can you I ask you to merge the multiple post-patch crash threads now in existence into 1, please?

Game has been pausing dialogue audio for extended periods of time and music will suddenly stop for a bit. Gun audio will go very quiet as well. Then the lag starts. Playing the jackpot DLC and when I try to go to VIP Tower it just crashes the game every time. I deleted game and reinstalled but it did not help. Anyone having the same issue? Any tips?

E; playing Zane