Post 03/26/2020 Update Crashing Master Thread

I found it thanks!!! Anyword anywhere if we are gonna get a fix for rakk pack mod crashing?

Too soon to hear anything official, and any update will need to go through certification before it can be released on XB1/PS4 anyway. In short, it might be a bit - plus GBX like other companies is having to work around the coronavirus stuff, which I imagine is making things difficult.

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started crashing yesterday, and when it does it says that the game cannot connect to the internet and i need to update the app or the system, but everything is updated, also i’m on zane, he’s my only char
its ont only flak

Do you happen to know if anybody at GB is aware of this issue? I switched back to my Rakk build last night and within 2 minutes of loading into cankerwood the game crashed. Thnx in advance!

It’s been pinged to the community manager and another individual. If you have not done so, I would still suggest filing a bug report through 2K support (link in pinned thread at the top of this category). The more data the team has from all platforms on this issue, the more likely a cause and fix can be identified.

Having crashes every 20 mins with Amara. The only 1 of my 4 characters to be affected. It happens every 30 minutes or so. Please make it stop.

Whelp, now it’s crashing when playing Moze. Got 5 minutes into the DLC before the crash.

PS4 or PS4 Pro? I main Moze on XB1 and have not had issues, so either it’s part of a wider issue (Pro seems to have similar issues to XB1X?) or the crash is being triggered by something specific in your load-out.

So I’ve been playing multiple hours with friends and solo. Farming and farming and grinding away that sweet sweet story content and dlc. It seems to be a overload of items in the game on the world map at a time. Kinda like how Skyrim essentially dies when the system has to remember each item and exactly where it is. However borderlands also has to remember each of it’s potential random rolled perks along with partical effects so and and so on. I think there’s just too much going on and the PS4 decides it’s over it and Peace’s out. Running around discovering stuff again since moving from PC and starting over to play with my friends it only dies when we melt wotan and shower the grout with that precious loot. Maybe dial down the intense partical effect on guns and item beams a bit . Love the game and dlc and I couldn’t possibly imagine how hard it must be to deal with this during this time. Don’t need the amount of drops nerfed. Just how uneccisarily hard the game flexes the mostly vending machine fodder in our face. Like we get it. It’s there. I watched it fly from wotans bhole. Keep up the good content just please fix the crashing. Btw it’s not character/skill specific. Too much pretty sends me to error code city

Might have been a fluke. Seems fine now, but I’ll keep you updated.

The boosted drops in co-op play won’t be helping with that, then. There is a timer set after which items are purged from the game in order to prevent issues with this, but the duration varies with rarity of the dropped items, so epic and legendary hang around longer. And since there are now more of them dropping… More frequent map changes might help reduce the load, since then stuff is collected up for removal to the lost loot machine.

Yeah but if it drops loot faster than the game can purge especially when some flies out of bound on like trials maps and whatnot it kinda brings the same problem up. I hope the response for this isn’t to nerf loot. I mean I want my game stabilized for sure but farming killavolt for a good transformer and one not annointed for every character except for the one I play is mind numbing as it is. Please don’t make it worse gearbox Lol. Using anarchy also kills my game at max stacks especially my cryo variant. I mean hell I’m trying hard to not have seizures so I can’t really blame my PS4 when my friend as Amara phasegrasps like 6 badasses and I now em down with the seizure shotty and 10 legendaries pop out. Insta crash and my retinas burn at the same time. Lol it makes me so mad but happy everytime. Especially my groups like immediate wotan melt insta crash. Absolutely beautiful. Don’t even get me started on circle of slaughter. lag fest to immediate crash fest

The original BL2 pushed the limits of the PS3 really hard - more so than 360 by all accounts. It looks like BL3 is repeating this, only with PS4 instead? It looks from the comments that GBX has a team continually working on stability improvements, so hopefully things will get better with each iteration. :crossed_fingers:

hi, Same issue on ps4, Flak with Fadeaway. however I found probably the root cause, at least works for me. if I only use 48 skill points (none from the level cap increase) I can play without any crash or issues.
I guess it could be related to the additional skill points that it crashes…

PS4. Game crashed again. Seems to happen when using the Kyb’s Worth.

For my buddy and I, our bl3 game keeps crashing at random times. This has happened once in a while before but now its getting to the point that its difficult to play the game. Even when playing by myself my game lags and crashes every hour or so. Its come to the point I can’t justify playing the game as much which is a bummer. Hopefully they can fix this for us PS4 users, I just want to be able to play the game again with no crashes.

I’m running almost the exact stuff, along with phasezerker mod and the pearl, game crashes sometimes during new dlc, sometimes during regular game stuff, but it definitely crashes any time I try to run one of the trials

Try switching out the phasezerker mod for something else temporarily, and see if that improves things.

I tried Spiritual Driver, but game crashed after few hours of playing during Graveward farm. I play on PC, but looks like the problem is common to all platforms.