Post 03/26/2020 Update Crashing Master Thread

I’m playing the second dlc for the first time, as Fl4k (R4kk Attack), on my PS4 PRO. I somehow managed to go pass the introduction on the dlc but now it’s impossible to go on. Everytime i try to help the guy in the graveyard, when you have to kill those little monsters, the game shuts itself.

There is a problem with rakk attack right now. Youll have to swap to gammavore or fade away

I’m on PS4 Pro as well, I was playing Split Screen with my brother and 3 times in a row going vs Aurelia it kicked us off maybe 5 minutes into the fight when we had her almost defeated

We havent even done the new DLC yet

I tried to continue on my Amara character to level up and get more guardian ranks before I dive into the new DLC

I’m at the part where you fight Aurelia, and I cant go longer than maybe 5 minutes without it crashing with some error code (every time I get Aurelia down to almost 0 HP it happens)

Idk if its because of too many people being at home and playing the DLC and therefore overloading the server

But comeon they ought to be able to fix it so people can play

If you’re playing solo, there is no server. Borderlands is a peer-to-peer game for co-op. The only server is the match-making and social stuff. IOW the crash is probably something else.

I would try doing a full shutdown/restart of your console first, just to clear any stale data after the update. If that doesn’t clear the issue up, there’s a link to the support desk in the pinned post at the top of this section.

I’ve been crashing almost nonstop since the new patch/dlc. I thought it might be related to DLC areas or gear, but I’ve crashed multiple times trying to do the Takedown with non-DLC gear.

I also use Amara, but I don’t know if that’s related. There was talk earlier of Fl4k’s on Xbox having similar issues.

e:In case it matters, I’m on a PS4 Pro.

FYI, when I switched to Zane I could play normally.

Okay, so as an update I did manage to play fine solo, only ran into Disconnecting a few times further when playing Split screen with me as Amara

So I’m guessing it’s a combination of Split Screen + Amara can cause some sort of “Overload” which kicks you off

Ok so hopefully im not the only one but i havent been able to play for more than 20 minutes or so at a time because every time i use rakk attack anywhere in the new dlc it does a system crash. I know it happens in the grave yard and it happens in other areas. Is there a fix for this in the near future because im not really into changing my build. This sucks.

So far the only fix I tried is just change rakk attack to something else when in graveyard then after that you should be fine worked for me you don’t have to change entire build


Yep works fine if you don’t use rakks.

Maybe it’s my rakk Pak mod again but it happens when I kill enemies on the quest to find the detective, just like with PC.

Since I’ve already seen posts about the same thing on XB1, it would not surprise me to find it was also on PS.

I’ve also crashed multiple times since the update and haven’t played the dlc yet.

I was hoping it was restricted to that part in the dlc but it still occasionally crashes just not every minute.
If it doesn’t crash the dlc without hotfixes on then I’m cool for a week.

Have you downloaded the dlc?

I do have it downloaded, just haven’t played it yet.

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Well this game is rocket science after all I wonder what got snafu?

Oh boy another thread sandwich, you’re awesome for consolidating this.

I only play Zane and have had no issues on PS4 standard, not started the Guns DLC yet.