Post Apocalyptic RPG Resources

Since Borderlands 1 was very Post Apoc and BL2 could be called Post Post Apoc, I was curious if anyone has tried to run any tabletop rpgs in the genre. It’s on the list of things I’m considering for a new DnD session so I thought I’d ask if anyone had any preferred go to’s for this kind of thing. If I do go the post apoc angle, I’ll likely be looking at a mix of stuff from Mad Max, Borderlands, and Prince of Thorns for my draws, but anyone with recommended reading or stories from similar campaigns would be helpful.

Depending on the direction you want to go with, some of the setting stuff from King’s Dark Tower could be good flavor. The last bits of Old World technonolgy failing like fewer and fewer bulbs still working even at the king’s palace, an old oil field being called a petro-chem company name without anyone knowing why, a couple of scattered bits of high tech still working being regarded as a forgotten magic.

Seems like a cool idea, please share session synopses if it works out

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Prince of Thorns was already going to be my draw for that, in a lot of the same ways.

For reference, the main character Jorg had lived in the “Tall Castle” for most of his life. It doesn’t become obvious that it’s a post-apocalyptic setting until around the end of the first book. Afterwards you get to re-imagine who sections of the book on other read-throughs. They call the ancients “Builders”, and he comments at one point that “In the dungeons of the Tall Castle, there was a sign left by the builders that read ‘No Parking Overnight’. They appear to have had a funny way of speaking, so that even if you knew all the words, they didn’t make sense.”

That piques my interest on top of your always raving about it; always thought that’s been an underutilized setting.

I’ll have to check it out, hitting the bookstore for mom’s Xmas gift tomorrow so perhaps something for me will be coming too

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For post-pocalyptic RPG, let’s not forget the thing in front of your nose – an RPG.

Also, Darth Maul’s double-bladed saber-sta–

@Kitty_Jo: :stop_button::anger: (tables start CT/HDing)
Oh right, gotta be realistic. (sigh) Well, if we don’t have lightsabers, we DO have chainsa-- wait, is there zombies involved? I think I may have to retract all this.

Iirc, J Sawyer made a Fallout tabletop RPG. Might be some use for you perhaps?