Post-buff Attikus and his place in the Meta

I’ve noticed a recent influx of new Attikus players due to his recent buffs, and was wondering how these buffs have affected his place in the meta.

Even before the buff he was able to deal insane damage and once he got swift strikes and tenacity going he was able to destroy in one on ones, solo sentries, and break down healer-tank cores. However, the only issue was getting him to late game, but thanks to the buffs that issue has somewhat been remedied. With the health boost I’ve been able to escape more easily, survive brawls more often, and actually defend by being a meat shield. The pounce change is really useful because it main use was usually to silence or slow the enemies rather than to actually harm them, or to apply hedronic arc to a group of enemies. It also helps to note that characters that used to be the bane of his existence have received nerfs: Galilea, Beatrix, and to an extent Ernest.

With these changes and the influx of players Attikus has become a serious threat in most matches that he is in, thanks to his immense health pool, insane DPS, great mobility with pounce, and access to wound. However, I still think he suffers from not having any hard CC, being easily susceptible to CC from the opposing team, and being soft countered by most ranged characters.

But what do y’all think about him?

His last buffs weren’t needed, or at least his health pool increase to be more specific. That change may be one of the most clear examples of a buff going through solely because of his struggle in Incursion. He’s always been a top-tier pick in Capture, Face-Off, Story Missions and a good pick to some degree in Meltdown.

Attikus didn’t need his kit for balancing purposes buffed as much as the meta surrounding him did.

The only thing, as far as his own survivability goes in Incursion, he could use a slight buff to his damage reduction against AI as a Defender. Other than that, Attikus’ place in the meta will, well, fall into place when the CC-meta is adressed.


He’s usable now. The increased radius of pounce was very much needed. Especially since it doesn’t hit in the center of where the marker indicates.

The health boost was nice but the universal defender buff is what brought him out from the shadows. Huge hit box, front line and weak sustain early game. That extra Defense against non battleborn was needed.

The reduction in damage amp values also seems to have played a role in his return as CC+stun+Priority/bolas/Sunspot/Desecrate combos were common, rendering his huge frame a liability.

I personally love it. Just wish hey’d spend some time on his helix. Specifically lv7 where a crit damage bonus lives for no discernible reason.

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I agree pre-buff Attikus was already a monster in Face off, Capture and Story missions, now with his health pool being so large he is top tier in those modes. The buffs were really only necessary to alleviate his standing in incursion.
I also forgot about the legendary nerfs, which I welcome, and hope they do something to address the CC meta, thankfully they did rework Galilea.

Two things have changed over the last several months; average DPS has decreased considerably (Ghalt/Mellka/Orendi/Dragon/supports/AoEs/Amps/Defenders/Bolas), and Attikus’s health has increased by almost 600 points. Stuns, and the effectiveness of the characters that use them, have weakened considerably.

Attikus is stronger than ever before, and I honestly believe he might well be irreplaceable in Supercharge and Face Off due to sheer numbers.


I honestly try, but I can never figure out where their numbers are coming from.


He does a better job of attacking than most attackers now. He’s capable of winning a 1v1 with any other melee (except maybe kelvin but he will defintely force him to flee) and with a good support behind him he’s unstoppable.


I feel like a character is too strong when he’s capable of taking down his hard counters. The only BB i seem him having a problem with is Montana (but who doesn’t) and Benny (only cause he can fly)

Kelvin loses horribly to Attikus 1v1. He’s incapable of outdamaging him.


Face-off I can understand, but the Attikuses (Attiki? Attiki-torches?) I’ve seen in Supercharge have had… less than stellar results. For Face-Off and Capture, Attikus is whole other beast, but on Supercharge, while it seems like he would work on paper, he doesn’t seem to be that effective.

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I haven’t lost a game of supercharge and I’ve only used Attikus. due to the fast levelling and abundance of shards, he gets super strong really early on. Also with there only being 3 enemies, the problem of chain CC and hard focusing is removed!

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Mmmmmmm… I can’t say the same. Kelvin/Boldur + Montana + Caldarius is slaughter. Caldy deals damage while the two others can chain stun and CC spam. CC spam and chain CC is STILL there, I can definitely confirm. And I hate that. It’s ruined two out of the eight-ish matches I’ve had. What’s worse is that it’s always a full-150 premade. Like, do you people have any other way to have fun?

I’ve only played solo queue, but have come up against a Montana with a pocket miko and it didn’t go too well for him! I don’t think I’ve played against a comp like that, but I can see in some circumstances Attikus will get destroyed there!

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Not trying to call you out or anything… but my team did win against yours. But it was a really close game :blush:

No it wasn’t :joy:

I randomed Ambra, who is possibly the worst character to carry with, I was having an altercation in a chat that I had to deal with so I was afk for a long period, and then my two teammates ended up surrendering. And it was an Incursion game you beat me on. @Conwood was there too.

Don’t judge me on that game I’m not usually like that, I was sadly distracted :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW @lucasatlive I don’t mean to come across like a arse and put you down in like a “you only beat me because of this” kinda way but what I stated above was the truth sadly. Hopefully next time I come across you I’ll not distract myself and put up a good fight for you :slight_smile:


Oh lol i wasn’t judging. I’ve been stomped by your group more than a few times. I forgot it was incursion though

@Ashbweh got stomped because he is a filthy spawn camper :<

Fun games that night! @lucasatlive


Oh good :joy:[quote=“Conwood, post:18, topic:1562951”]
@Ashbweh got stomped because he is a filthy spawn camper :<

Yeah yeah I apparently do that… us farmers are well known for it :wink:


FARMERS! YES! It all makes sense now :neutral_face:


Ah Conwood I recognize you now! Yes those were very good games. :grin:
I added you, right?

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