Post Closed Technical Test Interview w/ Gearbox

Find out some of the stuff we learned from last month’s Closed Technical Test in this new interview featuring Gearbox’s Randy Varnell (@jythri), Chris Brock, and Jimmy Sieben over on the official Battleborn site:


Very interesting read. I would love to know what sorts of statistical tools are being used to analyse the data, and how that’s being done. Any chance of some insights on that down the road?

Reading on BB stuff makes me want to play it again. 'Specially Orendi.
Anyway, great read.

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I realize that data speaks louder than words, but I hope I was one of your “super heroes,” because the guys on the GBX team are mine.

Thanks for the read, but the memory is causing my withdrawal symptoms to resurface. May is such a long ways away :smiley: