Post-Command Rank 100

So I’d love to see Gearbox remove the level cap for Command Rank, it’s not exactly difficult to get to 100 as it is and after the double xp event there’s going to be a lot more players at CR 100. As it doesn’t actually effect matchmaking, I don’t see the harm in letting it go higher, it gives players something to keep building toward, and keeps you from getting annoyed that all that command xp you keep getting is now worthless. If Gearbox really wanted to be nice they could have a faction commander pack be the reward for every 10 levels after level 100, with a legendary pack for every 100 levels. That would give players a tangible reward for continuing to pour hours into games and challenges. Honestly though I just want my xp to go into something.


Command levels is not the reason why anyone bought this game. And not gaining Command XP does not take anything away from the gameplay. I think the reason players are asking for Command XP to be converted into something else is because they want to buy loads of packs without making an effort to grind the credits.
If you play the game and enjoy it, you’ll have more credits than you’ll ever need.


Seriously all this levelling crap gets on my nerves. There was a time when you could enjoy a game for its gameplay alone and not for its carrot and stick.

Maybe people like OP need a game where they get 1 XP per click with an infinite amount of levels. So they can click and level to their hearts content.


Seriously? Did I ask for XP to be converted into credits? No I said I’d like to see the cap increased, never did I mention credits at all. Would I like to get some packs for my efforts? Sure, but I honestly don’t care, I just like seeing my level increase to reflect the time I’ve played. Hell I actually said that I’d only want the packs once every 10 levels, that’s not going to suddenly flood me with gear, out of 10 packs I’ll get maybe 2 skins/taunts and a single piece of gear I’d keep.

Personally I’d like to see them make it incredibly hard to gain each level, make Command Rank 101 require 10,000 xp, 102 require 20,000, 103-30,000, etc, just getting to CR 110 would likely require completing every challenge. I simply want the Command Rank to reflect the amount I’ve actually done

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There is no reason for a cap. I’m sure they’ll introduce a prestige-like system (called badassing). More rewards, skins, taunts, etc for reseting.

A game like this should always be rewarding you for playing. Its going to have fierce competition. At 92 hours played, all I can work on is lore. Lots and lots of waiting to see what people pick, so I can sigh and roll the dice to have the right opponents.

I’m pretty sure they will eventually raise the level. I remember watching/reading an AMA where they mentioned something like raising the levels or doing a prestige type thing. I’m sure it’s pretty low on their list right now, but it should get implemented at some point.

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I wish I could like your post twice.

On topic, command rank and account levels in pvp games mostly exist to guide you and provide some additional ressources as you learn the game and are used as a rough measurement of maturity, e.g. to prevent new players from entering ranked modes. They are meant to be reached in reasonable time, NOT as a long term progress system where you can proudly present how many hours of your lifetime you have successfully converted into a meaningless digital number.


I know of the Battleborn Discord people have been tossing about the idea of Prestige similar to the Battleborn Tap game. I’m not sure what the developers have in mind for any of this though. They may think the system is fine as is or they may already have plans in place. If they did add prestige would we see the Prestige Rank alongside the Command Rank in the game lobby?

Except Command Packs still have a higher chance at giving out Skins and Taunts than regular Faction Packs, and they can’t be bought. They are a nice reward, I don’t see what the harm is, some people like leveling up since the feeling of progression is rewarding. What does it take out from your gameplay?

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