Post for MH10 gear you are after

I am running Pandora and Cartel on MH10 farming Shotguns, SMGs, and AR’s so if there is something specific you are after post it here.

Be realistic as if I find a Molten Boom Sickle 200% AS I am keeping it, but anything I am not specifically after I don’t mind sharing.

I’ve left over a thousand legendaries on the ground yesterday that went to waste.

Hello, if u happen to find some good recursion, lob (shotguns) or cutsman, hyperfocus (SMG) for a phasegrasp siren I m interested! (50%ase, 100%dmg or such are cool)
Also a good krakatoa or the new sand hawk would be cool!
My ID it’s same here and ingame!
Have fun and know I appreciated your offer even if u dont send me any items :smiley:

I will look tonight when I am on. I find lots of lobs and hyperfocus and cutsman but its rare they have good annointments but will look

Anarchy (any element) with ASE 100% weapon damage
Yellowcake with 300% at 90%+ hp
Sandhawk with ASE 100% weapon damage

IGN is same as here, thank you!

Looking for a Kaoson/OPQ/ Redestributor with SNTNL 100% cryo dmg


Looking for 50/150 OPQ/Lob/Kaoson/Reflux

Got a bunch of OPQ 300/90 + 200% ASE and Yellowcake 300/90 + Yellowcake X2 200% ASE