Post Game Completion - Guardian Rank, etc

KingGothalion stumbled upon this while streaming at the BL3 gameplay reveal.

It seems they renamed the Badass points to “Guardian Rank” (which makes sense as we are now guardians protecting the vaults, or rather preventing others from unleashing threats from the vaults into the various worlds).

What do you guys think the “Guardian Rewards” are on the right? Was anyone at the event that is able to share some details?


I think this will be very intresting to see something like this in BL3 . I feel like this game is gonna be hella good . Nice Post and hope to see you at the vaults. Fellow Vault Hunter Guardian.

If you look to the right there is a list of bonus stats broken up into the same categories. So I wonder if the panels on the right are item rewards for redeeming enough tokens in 1 category because that appears to be handled on the left in a way similar to how we spend badass tokens now.

I think you may wanna put a “Possible Spoilers” tag near the front end of this thing.

I just hope it’s like badass ranks except you can change the value up to what you’ve unlocked. Kind of a “set your own difficulty” thing in a way.


Yes i do believe this is the badass tokens type of system !

It’s really interesting that we can’t gain guardian ranks until after we finish the story. I wonder what the purpose of that is? We started earning BA rank immediately in BL2 so it’s really mysterious that this is so different. There must be some kind of plot reason to go along with it.

Does anyone have any ideas why we might have to wait?

Yes i do think that is intresting . I believe its so badass/Guardian Rank will help us more on later playthroughs and such .