Post-Game Rewards

Battleborn, like many other competitive games today, rewards victory more than defeat. If you win your multiplayer matches, you can expect bonus XP and Shards. After all, to the victor goes the spoils! This is nothing new in gaming, but why does it have to be so static? Why can’t the reward system be more dynamic? Shouldn’t winners get better rewards for a flawless victory? Shouldn’t the losing team get better rewards for a close game?

I don’t know how Battleborn currently handles post-game rewards, so this may already be in place for all I know. I suggest that post-game rewards be based on the score differential. So even if you lose, you’ll get more XP and Shards if the end score is 500-490 than if it ends 500-10. On the other hand, the winning team will get fewer XP and Shards for winning 500-490 than if it was a flawless victory (but obviously the winning team would still get their “flat rate” bonus for winning, so the losing team will never get better rewards than the winning team). Additionally, if the clock runs out before the game ends, the losing team gets a bonus for successfully defending.

This would be a HUGE help to deter leavers/griefers/AFKs. Say you’re playing a game of Meltdown, you’re losing 450-150, and there’s only 3 minutes left on the clock. It’s pretty much game over for your team, but instead of laying down your arms and surrendering, your team has a chance to secure that “defender” bonus! So you dig in your heels and hold the enemy advance for those last 3 minutes! On the other side of the trenches, the enemy knows they’ve won, but they are going to lose a ton of bonus XP and Shards if they don’t hit 500 before time runs out! This keeps both sides 100% engaged down to the final seconds of the match.



Interesting idea. I like it. That being said I’m not sure what the developers already have in place as far as rewards and how that is all coded into the game so I’m not if it can be added or needs to be added. At any rate this wouldn’t stop everyone who leaves a match early. Good idea though.

With a older game Splinter Cell Chaos Theory your score was based on your performance.
You could a level 5 going up against a level 10. But the level 10 player would get less xp for winning the game, if he played crappy he would (almost) get nothing. It was even possible that the lvl 5 player even while he lost he would get + points because of his great performance. This was in a game where a win was normaly + points and a loss would result in - points to determan the leader board.

it would be nice to see 2 equally matched teams have a big fight in battleborn where they go head to head resulting in a 500-490 score. Based on their performance and time they should get a bigger reward.

I would also say that for anyone on a losing team, that drops down to 4 players, get an exp bonus for sticking it out. Like a little extra exp, for killing another player, or collecting shards and things of that nature.