Post here if you are missing Firstborn/Season pass content

Hey guys I figured that I would try to make a specific thread for people having the same issue I am, Which is I entered the season pass code and the firstborn code and was told that I have both. But In game I do not have any gold skins or anything that comes with the firstborn or season pass.

if you have Bought the season pass/Preordered for the firstborn and do not have access to it post here so that we can both see how widespread the issue is and reduce the amount of clutter


Same issue here, make sure you reach Command level 3 too. My friend got his stuff when he reached Command 3. I on the other hand got nothing. May be due to xbox game sharing though.

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im past level 3 already. I just completely reset my xbox and re-installed battleborn. Xbox live considers me having the season pass as it wont allow me to purchase it again but instead gives me the option to “manage” it which takes me to a blank screen.

where is Gearbox support in this?

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Same issue Ps4. I preordered at Gamestop, and bought season pass the night before 5/2. I put in code from receipt, and have season pass.

Xbox 1 preorder from GStp have the Season pass, but no Firstborn pack. Digital download

Same problem here on Xbox One, sent in a ticket trying to figure it out. Though I’m only missing the Firstborn content, got every other bonus just fine.

Yeah weird same too. All but them golden skins

Im having the same issue got the digital deluxe version off of Xbox live and I can’t download the first born pack, or the season pass. I just love that the game keeps advertising the season pass to me even though I should have it.

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Yep exactly the same here on xbox one as well shows as having season pass but manage takes me to blank screen also no skins. I am past level 3 and went through a whole series of steps with xbox support nothing worked.

sorry didn’t mention mine was digital deluxe pre order

I am having the same issue on XB1. I have the season pass but no skins same with the firstborn pack. When I try to manage the season pass I get a blank screen. I tried clearing the cache and nothing.

Those were the steps I went through with xbox live support nothing worked. Has this issue been flagged in to gearbox yet?

Nope. I’m still waiting on a response from their rep from the ticket I submitted yesterday for the third time.

Well I’m glad to see I’m not the only one suffering from this… I got the physical deluxe edition from GameStop put the code in and the only thing I have is the title “Season pass holder” but no skins or anything else… I try to uninstall but get a blank screen when I go to manage the season pass…

I received this from support. waiting on a reply. and while im at it, anyone know what the hell they mean by Battleborn ID?

Thank you for writing back. My name is Jennifer and it will be my pleasure to assist you further with your case.

I am sorry that you still haven’t been able to unlock your Deluxe Edition DLC.
Let’s start with the Season Pass:

The Season Pack entitles you to 5 DLC packs including a brand new Story _
Mode Operation, five keys to unlock heroes 26-30 once they are released,
_ as well as even more skins and taunts - all of it is not available yet. The bonuses will be released at the later date and each time added automatically to your game.

To anticipate your question - unfortunately we do not have the dates of the releases of each of the 5 DLC packs.

Now about the entire Digital Deluxe Edition includes:
Battleborn the game
Season Pass with all five DLC packs and instant access to heroes 26-30 upon their release
Taunts for Oscar Mike, Miko, Caldarius, Phoebe, and Orendi
“Cyber” character skin for Oscar Mike, Miko, Caldarius, Phoebe, and Orendi
3 Legendary Gear packs
Golden pedestal during character select
Golden Battleborn logo on title screen

First, please make sure that you indeed purchased the Deluxe Edition.

Note that if you bought Battleborn and Season Pass, they would be automatically upgraded to Deluxe Edition only if you purchased them at the same time.
_ If Season Pass was purchased separately, the upgrade to Deluxe Edition _
is impossible, and you would get only Season Pass DLC, which is five
_ DLC packs, each DLC pack includes a brand new Story Mode Operation, _
five keys to unlock heroes 26-30 once they are released, as well as even
_ more skins and taunts ._

Second, if you are positive that your edition is the Deluxe one, please note that, the game needs to be completely installed, you
_ need to finish the Prologue in order to unlock the DLC as well as you _
might need to play a few games to have the DLC added to your inventory.

Third, if you played the Prologue and the games, this is how to find your skins:
Go in Command
Select a character
Go to Appearance
Change the skin equipped

OR, jump into a match and choose the skin during character selection!
Finally, if that does not work, please send us::
a video of you performing the aforementioned steps.
proof of purchase ( a screenhot or photo, need to have your name or ID on it)
SHiFT email,
Support ID
Battlborn ID
Here’s how to find them: >>>

_1. Head over to Options _
_2. Scroll down to Support Information _
3. Voila! you will see at the top, Battleborn ID: xxxxxxxxxx (10 digits) and Support ID: xxxxxxxx (8 digits) at the bottom
Hope the above helps!

_If you did not get all your bonuses regardless performing the advice I _
_gave you, please reach me back with the info that I asked for, and we _
will be happy to help you further.
Please note, that in order to process we will need ALL the requested information.
_We would like to thank you again for contacting 2K _
_support! Don’t forget about the SHiFT code for free skins that you can _
find here:
Stay Badass and save the Solus!
Jennifer J.

im having the issue as well, digital deluxe editon, both say i have them but i have none of the bonuses. hopefully this gets fixed for all of us soon

Oh please note, that I did not upgrade to the deluxe edition as I wanted the figurine.

Missing it too

I have all the stuff that was mentioned but the freaken gold skins and the firstborn title

I deleted my game and am redownloading it and it didn’t fix it in fact it made my gaming experience worse. Second last mission and…now I’ll have to do it all again. Awesome. Just awesome.