Post here if you have gotten the email that says you got in to the technical test

Hey Guys! I am really curious about if I got accepted in to the battle born closed tech. test. If you got in, please leave a comment saying when you got it and what was in the email. THX :slight_smile:

UPDATE 8/8 4:25: Got confirmation email. Seems like they are doing it in waves. Good Luck!

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hope i get it!! pre ordered and everything really want to play it!


I know, I am super excited for this game


Has it been announced when the Technical Test will be then? No Email as of yet.

Well, the deadline for sending in an email is October 15th, so probably this month. Unfortunately, one of my friends who barely likes this game said he got the email, but that doesn’t mean that we still won’t

Have you seen this Email? I wouldn’t believe it unless i saw it tbh.

This is a little premature. The registration deadline isn’t until October 15th. Gearbox will likely announce the test dates weeks prior to the test. Just keep your eyes glued to the news feed at

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Really doubtfull, the only email at this point that people will receive is confirmation for signing up.


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Some people got emails inviting them to sign up for the beta. That’s all that happened so far, afaik.

Closing thread to avoid confusion.