Post Hot Fix - what is going on?

I just played the game for 30 minutes after being out of town since Thursday. Read the hot fix notes quickly and queued for an incursion match. Each team had a Marquis who sniped the opponent’s sentry even faster than before. WTF? Well, I said, no incursion maps for me until this is fixed. Queued for a meltdown. We, five randoms with 3 under 10 were paired against a full yellow bar prearranged team of five with one player having a command rank of 100. Five minutes in the game I quit.

Is this real?

Well since nothing happened in the hotfix that’s related to your issues, I would say it is, indeed, real.

I think those changes are for the first full patch, the hotfix was some simple alterations to Galilea, ISIC (most severe, not sure how that’s possible considering Galilea but ok) and Miko.

There is a limit to the changes that they can make through the hotfixes through SHiFT. For everything else we have to wait for the larger monthly content patches that need to be certified by Microsoft and Sony before they can go live.

Also try and stick out the matches even if there is no hope, show some pride, I know it can be disheartening getting a bad team but it happens

High levels don’t mean anything more than longevity of play. I’ve played against really good level 20s and trash 80s. Matching solos with full parties is another matter though and is causing a problem…

Yea I’m sure there are enough people running solo to make entire games