Post is closed. Thank you for all the Trades

anything you might be interested in?

Yes please, what 5 would you like from me? PSN?

psn is the same as my name here, would like the ironclad stop gap / tactician band of sitorak / blast master with weapon splash and grenade / craps pistol in cryo and corrosive with splash =)

mailing out now ty for trading

mailed the ogre aswell, thanks for the deal

You’re welcome have a good one



Bee Boop

I have cryo kaos,would you trade your items?

yup i’ll trade 5 for it. What 5 would you like from me?

I have that one already, thank you for the offer though.

Then you should update this post. You say you are still looking.

I don’t need to update my post, you need to pay attention to what you are reading.

I have the stackbot mod with all the stats you want weapon damage, pistol damage, and Jakob’s crit. But it only has 1 FA and 1 PT the other is 3 hunters eye

I also have a shock redistributive with 100%sntl cryo

Pass on this one. Thank you for the offer though.

What is the damage of your Shock Redistributor?

352 with a 49 mag. Damn I’ll keep looking then your inventory is insane