Post launch balancing support

Hey guys I’m pumped as much as all you guys here for this game but I’m also scared. I’m concerned about balancing issues mainly. Some characters during the beta seemed underpowered no matter how great they seemed on paper. Melee characters in general. It feels like u have to hide in the back when facing a decent team and upgrade stuff to level up its pretty hard to get in where the bots are to gain experience while your being sniped constantly. What do u guys think?

The only melee I played was Rath so I can’t say if the others are better or worse but being a melee assassin did have a “lurking in the shadows” or hiding in the back feel to it but when the opportunities came, they were pretty epic. I think its a bit too early to say whether or not melee’s will end up being garbage tier in BB but if they do, I hope the devs keep an eye on it

In the case of Rath, he is a ASSASSIN. This means he should ‘Lurk in the Shadows’/flank the other team and take out the Squishy range/support in their back line.

In the case of Phoebe, she is either BRUISER or ASSASSIN (depending on your Helix selection). As a Bruiser she can take some hits for a little while and put out some decent damage before needing to back out of the fight. As a Assassin read what I said for Rath.

Playing melee character in this game is very much like playing a melee character in any other MOBA (ie. League of Legends, DotA/DotA2, Smite, Heroes of the Storm). You have to know what kind of melee character your playing. You have to know what are the pluses and the minuses of that character are and try to play to that Characters strengths and minimize their weaknesses.