Post Legendary Gear Here

Let’s post legendary gear here!
It’d be good if you would say how you got it.
Here are mine so far:

From LLC Pack

No idea how i got it, i know only one thing for sure. I got it by playing Miko.

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check @MentalMars site.

and all the gear is unlocked through the Lore challenges :slight_smile:

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That M.R. Synchro-Link looks busted. Can we get someone in here? Or, if it’s appropriate, I could start another thread in the bug forum.

Legendary loot pack. Got it by doing HC advanced The Void’s edge mission. (RNG Drop)
<img src="//" width=“690” height=“388”


Here’s a picture about legendary pack.

HC advanced The void’s edge legendary pack drop

anyone have legendary ISIC-specific gear? Or know what it does?

I got this in one of the 6 epic loot pack I bought:

and I got the Miko-only one posted above during a PvE mission.

Is there a way to play advanced HC public missions? I didn’t find the option to do that.

It had buildable price reduction and CC reduction after constructing a buildable. Never seen a piece of gear more worthless than this. Hell, even some whites are better.

You’re not constructing buildables? Well, that’s good to know for future matchmaking…

I got this one, you don’t have to worry about shards after activating it:


Wow, I really like this one.
I hope I get one ASAP when I start the game on May 3rd!
My Shayne and Aurox will be rollin’ in those shards.

It had a 1800 activation cost, so, roughly 3-4 buildables. Or 2 activating other, actually useful gears.

I got legend gear for Orendi “metamorphoses” with +30% damage for pillars. But icon is dark and i cant use it. Why?
P.s. Sorry for my english…

May be decent to try against caldarius, but doesn’t seem that great tbh.

I liked this one, it drops an health orb on ground if i was at max health, if not at max health it healed me for orb amount. Was great on thorn in pvp.

Opened some Eldrid gear packs on the last night of beta and got this. Pretty good for Benedict, maybe?

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I dont have a picture, but i’ll try and remember what the stats are. The numbers are probably a bit off, i didn’t take any pictures, but the stat changes are right

Solar Sustainer
+11% Heal Power

  • 5% Attack Damage (something around there I don’t remember the exact number.)
    Healing an ally grants +4% Attack Damage to you and your teammate.

Also had an llc item

Don’t remember the name
+9% attack speed
+90 Shield Strength
+9% attack speed while stationary

UPR Ground Pounders
+7% Movement Speed
+6% Damage Reduction
+4% Movement Speed when hit from the side

Sorry I didn’t see this when the beta was still out. I had an Item that had an Ambra Specific ability. It basically made her passively build up heat. The other two perks were something like healing power and healing received I think. It cost 1800 shards to activate though!

Got these two after a solo mission in Void’s Edge HC Advanced.image
Don’t remember their specs. Don’t have a screenshot of their specs either.