Post Mortem bugged?

At least 5 times today with the Post Mortem modifier active, I’ve had Death spawn, but been unable to take it down. It doesn’t even take any damage.

This happening up anyone else?

It has happened to me a bunch as well today.

Was playing Moze and this Mayhem modifier isn’t too Moze friendly as is.

If you were in Iron Bear, Death will destroy Iron Bear and then kill you after exiting Iron Bear after it’s destruction animation.

You also can get caught out and killed by Death when entering or exiting Iron Bear because of how long the animation is.

One final note, death can spawn in cut scenes and kill you, while you watch said cut scene.

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Since the mods were automatically rerolled for everyone after the patch, (or at least they were for anyone that had Mob Mentality/Chain Gang combo,) I tried out using the Death mod at first, and yeah, I was pretty much instantly dying when I killed any enemy. There were times Death wasn’t even appearing on-screen. Many times I’d be so close to someone, that when I’d kill them, Death would spawn right on top of me and insta-kill me without me being able to do anything, and the handful of times I did see it, it seemed like a bullet-sponge and I didn’t seem to be able to do any damage to it, so I very quickly switched to a different mod.

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