Post-Nerf Alani: What builds/gear are you using?

I’ve waited until after the nerf to really dive into learning Alani. Now that she’s not as fought over for picks I’m working on mastering her next.

What do you guys prioritize on gear and playstyle?

I’ve really only just started maining Alani myself now that she is balanced.

Honestly ATM I am running a 0 cost shard generator, Epic heal power gear (+14%) with an extra 6% attack power and a rare gauntlet with 10% attack power + a further 6% attack power for 5 seconds if I have taken health damage.

I figure if I have to attack to be able to heal increasing my damage can only be a good thing whilst the shard generator in combination with the relatively low cost gear allows me to get my gear fairly early on in an incursion/meltdown match whilst staying on top of minion waves/enemy BB so I can support with constant heals (works great with the +20% attack speed at level 3 for some great stopping power too).

What gear are you preferring ATM?

I’m building for Attack Speed, Attack Damage, Heal Power, and Crit Damage at the moment.

I just started using Alani. I use this setup for PVP.

+14% Healing
+7% Healing after 180 seconds
-Shield Regeneration
-624 Shards

+9.80 Attack Damage
+210 Health
-756 Shards

+280 Health
+210 Health after 180 seconds
-924 Shards


I’m super green to the game, but I played her a bit yesterday and loved it. The helix that cuts down cooldown based on every attack that lands has me going for a slightly different strategy, although I’ve yet to have a chance to play with it.

Epic Healing/Healing Recieved Piece
Rare Skill Damage Piece
Legendary Attack Speed thing (mine has extra hp)

Basic philosophy is pretty straightforward. Spam bubbles. Make bubbles. Heal thyself. Spam attacks.

The fact that her ult’s cooldown gets lowered by that skill is deleriously awesome, and means as long as you are attacking (and hitting something), all your cds are basically halved. Add osmosis to it and you’re also providing yourself with a renewable well of healing.

Right now I’m looking for whatever skill damage I can throw on to her. I think skill damage and attack speed is the way to go, but again. Newb.

Glad you’re enjoying Alani, she’s a versatile character. Just remember that those Well Spring heals work on your teammates too and heal at a higher percentage on all friendlies. If you’re the only support character on your team and you’re just auto healing yourself on rotation without consideration to your teammates then you’re not playing her to her full potential.

See, I differ in opinon on support characters that a lot of other people do, in that I value things like twitch delays, knockbacks, and damage as being a large part of support. That being said, obviously you don’t want to throw away the versatility of a character like Alani. The way my build works is that you rapidly build up osmosis, mostly through boosted attack speed water bolts. So you’ll be able to heal pretty often on top of doing your damage and crowd control abilities. That being said my build focuses more on damage and skill utility than it does providing said heals.

My mention of spamming them on myself is more of a reference to… well, honestly the build can take quite a bit of abuse, and then sometimes I get cocky and try to heal tank.

70% of the time, it works every time >.>

Again though, Ive only been doing single player so far.

Edit: I made a thing!,1,1,0,-1,1,-1,-1,-1,0,

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Healing given and received the former more important but there’s an epic that gives a great amount of both with a possible negative off shield regen.
Attack speed
HP/shield capacity/shard gen/build reduction/CDR

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Even after the nerf I’ve actually kept the same build and had just as much fun with her. My gear uses Heal Power, 0 Cost Health Regeneration, and I cycle the last one, looking for shield penetration or skill damage.

The one thing I use that I find a lot of other Alani’s don’t use is the right side on the first helix. It’s a great way to get a quick burst heal, especially when you don’t have a full stack of osmosis, and is great when dealing with pesky melee characters. Pop 'em up and get some heal so you can stay and do damage. I also do the helix that takes -.5 seconds off per hit, just so I can cast things that much quicker. Works well so far, but we’ll see where any other nerf may take us.

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Here’s the thing wiith Alani.
She can do her heals off CD and is only bound by how much she can attack which is more an issue in capture where the punishment for missing is higher.
So therefore she can output damage and heal for matching Miko amounts and isn’t bound to a hard cd.

The Alani nerfs hit her skill damage really hard so I don’t really see the point in focusing heavily on her skill damage any more. You’ll do more damage with Torrent while using her other skills for their non-damage effects (Riptide for push, haste, osmosis stacks; Geyser for bind), which means not using them on CD almost constantly.

A weird deviation I’ve taken from the normal build is going for the 20% increased Torrent attack speed instead of the .5 sec CD redux on Torrent hits. Since I’m no longer spamming her skills for their absolutely insane damage, I’m not under pressure to get them back ASAP; faster Torrent means more damage and more Wellspring, which ends up being better for me in the long run.

This is my current spec; sometimes I’ll swap out Wave Shock and Deepsong for Wet Blanket and Undertow if I really feel the need to get some slows out there (especially after the Wave Shock nerf, which made me sad), but normally the extra bit of AoE damage (for minion destruction) and healing (for both minions and players) ends up working better.

My current loadout for both PvP and PvE is Emulan Tincture (14 heal power, 5.6 attack speed, 15% HoT on Wellspring), Symbiotic Gauntlet (9.8 attack damage, 5.4 move speed, 9.8 attack damage based on hp; Alani is trivially easy to keep at max or near max hp so it’s awesome), and Orbital Targeting Spike (I’m planning on replacing this with a Stolen Edge of Arcvynorr or Vow of Zealous Fury, if either of those ever deigns to drop for me…; either of these would give me 19.6 attack speed and 5.6 crit). Sometimes I’ll swap out the Orbital Targeting Spike with a 0 cost shard generator (w/ -shield recharge penalty, which ends up doing nothing to me because I’m Eldrid muahahaha) if I don’t expect to be able to get the shards before the game is decided (I tend to build for the late game rather than early game, since I can generally play stall/annoyance as a “undergeared” Alani until I get the shards).

That’s ~25 attack speed (on top of the 20 from helix), ~20 damage, 14 healing, 5 crit damage, and ~5 move speed. I can hit hard and generate Osmosis stacks fast enough to let me tank a Rath using his ult (Full Saturation is a godsend, esp. since it basically guarantees I’ll get the Wellspring HoT), generally killing him in the process.