Post-Nerf Grenade Moze, Still Spamming (IF you use the right setup)

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You can easily overcome the lower grenade regen with a Big Boom Blaster, a fast firing splash weapon like the Ogre and a radiation hex or maddening tracker. Having 2/1 redistribution with a 100% splash damage class mod also makes it so you never have to reload the Ogre and keep the splash damage up all the time. Hope this stops some of the worries people are having.


they don’t want to work out a right setup, they just want to stand in one area and spam hex.


Yeh I think a lot of it is that people were getting too much for literally just having 3 talents in grenade regen and a hex grenade. Now you actually have to build around it and be carefull when / where you spam.


you don’t even need Big Boom to spam nades in this current iteration IF your MoD is properly working.

Some folks like you seem to have no issues, and that’s good. Some seem to have 100% problem with it. I seem to have a 50% chance getting the bug.


There’s no ‘current iteration’, the patch is the same for everyone. Maybe some people don’t have the hotfix applied. It’s just that people rely on their grenades to regen more grenades, and that doesn’t work anymore. You need to regen using your weapon + the Big Boom Blaster, without that shield you will run out 100%. Same reason in the video when I’m taking heavy dmg I’m always at 10-14 grenades.

No, I play maps, slaughter, athenas, lectra. I use all sorts of splash guns. I’m not one of those that spam nade to get nade. I let my guns regen my nades. Right now I could be playing a map and no issues, nades come up just from a combination of gun splash and even nade splash from Fire Storm. Hex still heals.

Then I load to another map and nothing. Not gun splash not nade splash. Nothing no recovery.

When it works, it works, moze is fine. But sometimes it bugs out, that’s the problem.


The talent is a small % in order to get a grenade, if you’re unlucky you can shoot 300 shots and not get 1 grenade back. That’s why the Big Boom Blaster is needed, 60% chance everytime you’re hit to get a grenade back.

what is the percentages before?

no, because I just played Slaughter Shaft bugged and not bugged. not changing any setup.

One is consistently getting nades. Slower than pre-event, but reliable. The other ‘bugged’ state, absolutely nothing. Not from splash guns not from Firestorm spam. The gap between the two is too great to say it’s pure RNG. A whole Slaughter run with no recovery vs a whole slaughter run with slow, but consistent and viable recovery.

When I FIrestorm spam and shoot westergun and map isn’t bugged, it’s still infinite grenade as pre-event. no matter how much I throw, if there’s at least 1 enemy I’m hitting, it keeps the grenade count maxed.

When bugged, not even a single tick of grenade.


I never experienced it so I can’t really say. What platform are you on?

Nonetheless from my testing I would say that in a non-bugged state the Big Boom Blaster is needed in order to spam grenades.

I’m on PC, and frankly, if it just works consistently, I have no issues, Moze is still Slaughter worthy, Big Boom or no.

Could this be a Xbox issue? Im on the Xbox and I have no health regen.

You will get health regen only from the first grenade explosion, not from all the other mirvs.

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I get that but using Bloodletter and spamming grenades is giving me no regen on the shield. I’m getting two shotted by mobs.

Yeh I think grenades aren’t a reliable blood-letter healing method anymore since they won’t heal nearly enough to regen your shield on their own. You’re better off using a transformer and throwing a shock tediore reload, strong shock grenade or a splash shock weapon at your feet. Transfusions should do the trick though.

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If I wanted to stand in one spot and close my eyes while throwing grenades, I’d do Maliwan/cistern slaughter events. Pre-patch you could LITERALLY not move and grenade spam successfully. I tried Maliwan once and only had to think about how to kill Blue Fire and Red Rain. I only ever TURNED to look at adds, where as COV grenades can kill you since they throw so many. At least COV slaughter is engaging and MUCH MORE rewarding, hence more fun, but CONSIDERABLY more difficult than any other slaughter event.

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I’ve been using this same method of ammo regen for well over a month now as part of my build. As someone who doesn’t run Means of Destruction, I find that if you count the shots you fire and know the next one you’re about to fire will trigger Cloud of Lead, you can switch to a Flakker or any other low mag-sized splash damage weapon and get a free shot, without having to reload and miss out on the bonus splash damage from the Master Blaster.

Having said that, I honestly think that the issues being reported must be some type of glitch. It makes no sense to stealth-nerf MoD and/or whichever grenades were affected, when it’s arguable that the combo of 2/1 Redistribution + the boosters dropped from the Big Boom Blaster is more powerful.

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It is a bug I believe. Noell_GBX edited the Halloween event post, saying that the achievement fix on the Quasar may have had unintended effects on Moze builds.

I’m pretty sure they did stealth nerf it. They’ve been talking about a nerf to the grenade spam for a few weeks. With how it is atm it forces you to actually gear and use a splash damage weapon in order to get the grenades back. Before you could just throw hex grenades and use literally any other weapon or combination of gear and have infinite grenades.

Plus the grenade spam would also regen your weapon ammo, which basically did more than the whole bottomless mag tree for a 3 point talent investment.

This isn’t a stealth nerf. Nerf implies reduction in capability/capacity. The bug that people keep describing, which I’m dealing with now, means 0 regen of health/grenades.