Post nerf questions

Hi everyone,

The latest nerf was pretty disappointing…I think we are all in agreement. So what now in terms of the best fl4k crit build?

Can i just reallocate the leave no trace points? If so where?

Is the hunter skill tree even viable at all anymore?

Also, I wondered if anyone can explain which leg class mod is the best? A lot of articles say bounter hunter but I tried it and it seemed mediocre (maybe i hadn’t paired it correctly)

Any info / advice would be really appreciated.


Yea you can use a Rakk build, which is good if you got tons of anointed gear or use Fade Away without GITM (which requires a change of your weapons to make use of those 3 hard hitting attacks during fade away). Rakk Attack doesn’t provide much damage versus shields/armor and the delayed hp return doesn’t help in some dangerous situations in Slaughter for example. Which is why I usually play Fade Away, the ability to go invisible, regen hp, reposition and pick your targets is huge in my opinion. Bounty Hunter class mod is amazing, especially if you pair it with all those hunter kill skills.

From my experience I always played Fade Away without GITM for anything except Graveward.
There are a bunch of hard hitting weapons out there that still work quite well. Multipellet weapons (Jacobs shotgun, Sickle legendary, Maliwan shotguns to name a few) help resetting Fade Away quite fast. As long as gearbox doesn’t decide to install another timer in Head Count. If this happens I’m probably going to play Rakks or move to a different Vault Hunter. We already lost some cool synergies and another nerf would not be acceptable for me personally.
(not in this state of the game atleast)

Awesome - thanks for this, really appreciated. Do you have suggestions for specific weapons? Alao how does this build compare in terms of boss farming?

I’ve mentioned specific weapons. Sickle, Hellwalker, purple shotguns, anything by Jacobs with high dmg/high pellets. It’s really up to you, the mechanics of this build are simple, pick whatever you think hits hard when limited to 3 shots in fade away. You can add mashers, star helix, conference call when outside of fade away. I use this build for any Boss except Graveward. I play all characters at lvl 50 & it’s good compared to other vault hunters. That’s somewhat subjective tho. Is it as fast as a phasezerking ele projecting Amara? No. But you can play around with specific shields, anointments and artifacts and do well in mayhem 3.

This might not be the best build out there, but I’m having alot of fun with it while playing in tvhm mayhem 3. Including Bosses like Traunt, Troy, Tyreen & slaughter/proving grounds.

Perfect, cheers I’ll give this a go.